Set amidst the end of military coup d’etat in 1983, Floreal Echegoyen, just released from prison refrains from going to his cheating wife; instead journeys along with his dead friend, El-Negro who helps him catch up with the happenings when he was serving time in prison. During the long night El-Negro helps him to get past with his anger, understanding how hard it was to stand such a controversial time and how military Coup crushed people’s lives literally and figuratively.

Running Time:
127 min
Release date:
5 March 1988

Directed by:
Fernando E. Solanas
Produced by:
Envar El Kadri
Pierre Novat
Sabina Sigler
Fernando E. Solanas
Written by:
Fernando E. Solanas
Susú Pecoraro
Miguel Ángel Solá
Philippe Léotard
Lito Cruz
Roberto Goyeneche
Ulises Dumont
Music by:
Ástor Piazzolla
Shot by:
Félix Monti
Editing by:
Juan Carlos Macias
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The film primarily focusses on the point of view of Floreal played well by Miguel Ángel Solá. However, the show is stolen by his wife, Rosi Echegoyen, played splendidly by Susú Pecoraro. Her pain before she takes the plunge to succumb to her desires and her sequences with Floreal when she visits him in jail have been expertly crafted.
  • Of the supporting characters, El Negro tickles the funny bone effortlessly and delivers few well-written philosophical lines too. Almost all of the oldies who make up the remaining bunch of the cast catch the eye. A scene that remains fresh even now is when an old couple have a drink when faced with the military at their home.
  • Fernando Solanas’s philosophical lines about life & love, his artful framing of shots (especially the ones having mirrors), his usage of reflection & point-of-view shots from windows in collaboration with his cameraman, Félix Monti are exemplary. In addition to direction, writing and handling the art, Solanas has also co-produced this flick which shows his belief in the content.
  • Music plays a significant part in setting the mood of this tale. Roberto Goyeneche’s haunting voice immerses us into the world of tango music brilliantly orchestrated by Ástor Piazzolla. With the amount of sequences dominated by music this film can even be classified under the tango musical genre.

What’s Not

  • The film focus being on relationships leads to it being suitable only for the Adult audience and its pace also meanders as it tries to put across the changing mindset of the protagonist. There is also a feeling that some of the lines have been lost in translation and that it would have deeper meaning in the native Spanish language.


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Date of Screening : 12-Jul-2014
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Guest: P. Samuthirakani (Director)

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