86th Academy Awards Roundup

With the Winter Olympics at Sochi drawing to a close, it is that time of the year when fervent eyes turn to the gigantic film industry of the world that is Hollywood. The glam and the verve that always come associated with the industry that garners worldwide attention will now pour onto the steps and seats of the classic “Dolby Theater” to a grand gala showing. Film stars accompanied by their very own niche of people; directors, producers and everyone associated with bringing out the audio visual entertainment which keeps us hooked to theaters and television sets will throng the road to the Oscars 2014 to mark the 86th Academy Awards ceremony while the eternal group of eyes and lenses who wish to see Woody Allen walk the red carpet will also be there. With Seth Macfarlane passing on the baton to Ellen DeGeneres who plays the host for a second time, we hope that the 86th Academy Awards will be a show to savor.While last year saw 33 distinct films getting nominated under the 20 categories (excluding the 4 categories dealing with short films & documentaries) of the Academy Awards, we have 37 distinct ones this year who are vying to get a hold of the Oscar statuette. We at Piping Hot Views are hereby presenting you with an on-air coverage of this grand spectacle. The eager-eyes that we are, we have compiled a list of the reviews of most of the 37 movies that have got themselves nominated for the big prize and presented them below for your quick viewing. Sit back and enjoy our coverage through the updates offered here.