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Spyder (Telugu, 2017)

Keeping up with A.R. Murugadoss’s trend of producing quality movies, SPYder turns to be yet another standout effort that thrills with élan. With a protagonist who can pull off roles with aplomb, along with an antagonist who takes the villain role to a whole new level and a fast-paced screenplay, SPYder could have been so much more had its sputtering moments in the second half been taken care of.

Ondu Motteya Kathe (Kannada, 2017)

In an age where content-driven movies are hard to come by and humor usually means double entendre, Ondu Motteya Kathe is a welcome change and has not just a simple and strong story line but also some intense individual performances and shrewd direction. It does take guts to make a movie out of a situation that one come across in everyday life but it take some real astuteness to sell it as a product and convince the audience. Raj B Shetty checks these boxes!!

La tortue rouge (or) The Red Turtle (Others, 2016)

The Red Turtle takes you on a journey where even the desolate places and depressing circumstances are overcome by love in the most magical fashion possible. Studio Ghibli have lived up to the high standards once again with this thoroughly disarming fairy tale.

En man som heter Ove (or) A man called Ove (Swedish, 2016)

Starting of as a humor sprinkled narration of a sullen old man coping with the recent loss of his wife, “A Man Called Ove” grows on the audience with each passing minute. By virtue of diligent acting and an absorbing screenplay, its ends up casting a mesmerizing spell of emotion!

Aanandam (Malayalam, 2016)

Coming-of-age films in Malayalam are a dime a dozen but the technically brilliant ‘Aanandam’ scores in the telling the journey of a group of friends over the course of an ‘Industrial Visit’ trip and not just focusing on one person or a pair. Perhaps, avoiding a few clichéd situations, driven mostly by philosophical dialogues, might have helped in raising the level a bit more.