Vincent Pepe from a small town, Angamaly, draws inspiration as a kid from Babuji and his dominant team of invincible locals to form his own team. When Babuji is murdered in full public view, Pepe and his team help apprehend the perpetrators who do time in jail for the crime and come back more evil as ever. The two sides bury the hatchet as Pepe’s team enters into the pork meat business with them, but a bizarre accident flares up tensions and triggers total chaos in their lives!
Running Time:
131 min
Release date:
03 March 2017
Directed by:
Lijo Jose Pellissery
Produced by:
Vijay Babu
Written by:
Chemban Vinod Jose
Antony Varghese
Kichu Tellus
Ullas Jose Chemban
Sinoj Varghese
Sarath Kumar
Vineeth Vishwam
Tito Wilson
Bitto Davis
Music by:
Prashant Pillai
Shot by:
Girish Ganghadaran
Editing by:
Shameer Mohammed
Distributed by:
Friday Tickets

What’s Hot

  • Right from the first few minutes presented to us, we know that we are witnessing a visual extravaganza with lots of impactful background scores underlining hard action scenes with sprinkles of humour for the next couple of hours – a nice little peak into the well-structured narrative from the director, Lijo Jose Pellissery who brings out a striking depiction of lives of Angamaly locals.
  • Lijo Jose previous movies had similar tones of localized portrayals by accomplished actors. The most refreshing aspect in this movie has to be his ability to extract the same from 86 debutant actors given ample time on screen – each of whom justify their casting for the respective roles. The lead actor Antony Varghese as Vincent Pepe makes sure he puts out a show of the varied spectrum of emotions he could enact!
  • The background score standalone may seem to be nothing more than jarring sounds in many places, but the impact it creates when viewed behind the intense action scenes is quite extraordinary to experience!
  • The way pork meat is constantly infused into the minds of the viewers at every possible instance enables them to ascertain the significance it assumes in the daily lives of the people of Angamaly and works wonders when we learn it plays an instrumental role in the story as well – a nice package of thoughtful writing from the director one must say.
  • The visuals are stunning to say the least – be it the serene landscapes of Kerala or the numerous shots focussing on the food items that make it so special and is sure to send the audience craving for Kerala food.
  • The choreography of the many stunts featured in the movie is a class apart from the rest. The freakish nature of the fights is well captured with dynamic camera movements and one cannot miss to mention the finale which is filmed in a single shot spanning almost 15 minutes and features all the characters from the movie amidst a festival procession involving so many extras!

What’s Not

  • N/A




Verdict Stamp

‘Angamaly Diaries’ cannot be simply described in words for it is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. A flawless portrayal of craft and skill and loaded with the local flavour of Kerala, this creation is definitely not to be missed – arguably the finest one would have seen in a long time!