An ardent lover of his native language, Janardhan is a Kannada lecturer from Mangalore. His struggles to find a life partner while his bald-headed makes him butt of jokes is how the story unfurls laced with humor, subtle emotions and some brilliant acting.
Running Time:
124 min
Release date:
06 May 2017
Directed by:
Raj B Shetty
Produced by:
Suhan Prasad
Pawan Kumar
Written by:
Raj B Shetty
Raj B Shetty
Usha Bhandari
Prakash Tuminadu
Deepak Rai Panaje
Music by:
Midhun Mukundan
Shot by:
Praveen Shriyan
Editing by:
Praveen Shriyan
Distributed by:

What’s Hot

  • Raj B Shetty as the actor puts in the performance of a lifetime. He exhibits immense maturity in the role of a lecturer, admirable shyness when trying to woo the women folk, portrays subtle emotions even without any dialogue when he feels cheated and above all evokes non-stop laughter with an extreme innocence in his dialogue delivery and keeps the audience entertained. Meanwhile, with this directorial skills he has churned out a very simple yet thought-provoking story with neat depiction. One cannot help but wonder if this indeed is his debut movie.
  • Dr.Rajkumar breathes life into the movie just via pictures and his cult dialogues. Kudos to the director for using this Nata Saarvabhoum’s image aptly and at the right junctures to drive the script and keep the momentum going. Prakash as the college peon essays the role assigned to him with utmost ease. His dialogues are neatly etched and the scene where he highlights the love for his wife convinces one of his acting skills.
  • The limited cast includes Usha Bhandary as the weeping & over-protective mother, Maim Ramdas and Vitla Mangesh Bhat who have done a very convincing job and play out their parts to perfection.

What’s Not

  • Although the opening song is a hilarious portrayal and well-choreographed, the ones appearing towards the latter half of the movie seem to be just forced on the audience and test one’s patience.




Verdict Stamp

In an age where content-driven movies are hard to come by and humor usually means double entendre, Ondu Motteya Kathe is a welcome change and has not just a simple and strong story line but also some intense individual performances and shrewd direction. It does take guts to make a movie out of a situation that one come across in everyday life but it take some real astuteness to sell it as a product and convince the audience. Raj B Shetty checks these boxes!!