Shiva who works in an entry level job in the Intelligence Bureau makes use of the resources at his disposal to eavesdrop on everyday conversations of common people and tries to stop crimes before they are committed. One such conversation that he hears leads to a brutal murder which also involves his friend and sets into motion a series of events that unravels the identity of psycho killer Bairavaa on the prowl.

Running Time:
145 min
Release date:
27 September 2017
Directed by:
AR Murugadoss
Produced by:
N. V. Prasad
Tagore Madhu
Manjula Swaroop
Written by:
AR Murugadoss
Mahesh Babu
Rakul Preet Singh
S. J. Surya
RJ Balaji
Shaji Chen
Priyadarshi Pullikonda
Music by:
Harris Jayaraj
Shot by:
Santosh Sivan
Editing by:
A. Sreekar Prasad
Distributed by:
Reliance Entertainment
Lyca Productions

What’s Hot

  • A.R. Murugadoss needs to be complimented for coming up with another adrenaline-charged screenplay filled with some nerve-wracking and edge-of-the-seat moments. The movie starts on a very serious note and shifts into top gear setting the tone for remaining 2.5 hours.

  • S.J. Suryah comes up with a performance of a lifetime. With his psycho killer looks, attitude and demeanor, he takes the baddie acting to a whole new level. One can be pretty sure this performance will make everyone sit up and take notice of him if they have not already done so through his masterful performance in Iraivi.

  • Mahesh Babu being at his usual best respires life into his character from the first frame and charms throughout the movie. His casual deportment and natural sense of humor stand out in an otherwise serious flick.

  • Harris Jayaraj’s BGMs serve as one of the pillars of this engaging thriller and his composition for the S. J Suryah sequences are exceptional.

  • Rakul Preet Singh in a natural but deglamorized role does her job to perfection in spite of it being poorly chiseled by ARM. Bharath, Jayaprakash, Priyadarshi Pullikonda (of Pellichoopulu fame) & RJ Balaji slip into their roles very well and get some decent screen time as well.

What’s Not

  • Even though Harris Jayaraj’s BGMs are remarkable, songs are a bit of a disappointment and evoke frustrated sighs from the audience.

  • The second half of the movie is a bit of a letdown considering the peak it scales in the first half. The much talked about rollercoaster action block falls short of expectations.




Verdict Stamp

Keeping up with A.R. Murugadoss’s trend of producing quality movies, SPYder turns to be yet another standout effort that thrills with élan. With a protagonist who can pull off roles with aplomb, along with an antagonist who takes the villain role to a whole new level and a fast-paced screenplay, SPYder could have been so much more had its sputtering moments in the second half been taken care of.