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Thoughts on Vetrimaaran and Asuran

The growth of Digital filmmaking has helped Tamil cinema greatly when it comes to showcasing caste-based atrocities that are so common even today in many parts of India. Long gone are the days when only the upper caste had the money to fund films which made sure that such themes never made it on to celluloid. One could only have glimpses of such atrocities mentioned in the standalone comedy tracks of a Koundamani or a Vivek. Independent filmmakers armed with a digital camera brought and are continuing to bring narratives that challenge the status-quo and expose the dirt nestled deep within. However, I am pretty sure there is still a battle being waged to get past the distributors and the theatre owners to release such films.

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Super Deluxe – Slices of many lives

In your own life, you would have felt guilty about being responsible for someone’s current position & tried to mend it when an opportune time passed by; You would have vented your frustration or anger on a subject irrelevant to the stimulus causing the anger; Your opinion might not have been heard even when you’ve pleaded – the ‘No * multiple times’ response to it would have led to piling up your helplessness; You would have had to explain your position to someone intimate to avoid getting judged; And most definitely, you would have had a miraculous moment in life letting you appreciate the deed of God or an external force.

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A friend on Twitter asked, “Which is your secret spot for “me time” in Chennai OTHER than beach?” and I replied, “A Full weekday at any multiplex with continuous shows (morning, noon, and matinee) and a seat in centre of the last row!” I have done this quite often and it has helped me overcome numerous situations where I was a despondent mess. The joy of discovering gems like Mouna Guru, Demonte Colony, Island City, Ozhivudivasathe Kali, etc. in a sparsely populated multiplex either alone or with friends, kept me going. Of course, I had to endure a fair share of duds which added to the happiness while getting to watch something fresh & indie.

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41st Gothenburg Film Festival 2018: A round-up

The Gothenburg International Film Festival for 2018 concluded couple of weeks ago. The largest film festival in Scandinavia had close to 450 films from 80 countries this year. The 10 day festival was managed in splendid fashion by the Team including the volunteers who help in every little detail for the attending audience irrespective of their knowledge of the Swedish language. It should also be added the festival does not restrict itself to films but has seminars, live music performances, art exhibits, etc.

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Aruvi (Tamil, 2017)

Aruvi is a rare gem from Tamizh cinema as it manages to deliver a moving satire within an engaging commercial format and most importantly with an unknown female lead and a debutant director at the helm! And it is no mean feat to get the commercial balance in a unique story knot, the casting, and the technicalities just right as Arun Prabhu and the Production House have done with this film.

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Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Tamil, 2017)

The lousy start notwithstanding, 'Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru' showcases the earnestness of the team’s homage to the officers behind the real case with an unflinching & exciting coverage of the case, the physical and political turmoil the officers had to go through & the dangerous adversaries they were after

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