The concierge of a grand holiday hotel mentors a lobby boy who he sees fit to be his successor. He shows him how meticulous care & affection to rich, lonely clients can earn their loyalty. When the two end up on the wrong side of the legal heir of a lady who bequeaths a priceless portrait to the concierge, the duo is on the run!
Running Time:
99 min
Release date:
28 March 2014
Directed by:
Wes Anderson
Produced by:
Wes Anderson
Jeremy Dawson
Steven M. Rales
Scott Rudin
Written by:
Wes Anderson
Ralph Fiennes
F. Murray Abraham
Edward Norton
Mathieu Amalric
Saoirse Ronan
Adrien Brody
Music by:
Alexandre Desplat
Shot by:
Robert Yeoman
Editing by:
Barney Pilling
Distributed by:
Fox Searchlight Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Wes Anderson is a genial film maker who has the canny knack of making films that are more like characters printed and given life on a canvas & this film presents a compelling case for such an argument. It has a funny crazy plot with a fine emotional line running underneath.
  • Ralph Fiennes is among the unlucky few talents to have not got the Oscar yet & in this tale, as Mr.Gustave, he brings out the devouring skills of the character he plays to perfection. Tony Revolori, as his partner in crime, plays a bankable ally & brings out some enjoyably funny gestures. Rest assured this debutant would feature in Wes’ future offerings!
  • An ensemble star cast is a trademark in Wes’ films and here we get to see Edward Norton as an astute officer, Adrien Brody as a conniving heir, Willem Dafoe as a terrorizing side-kick, Jeff Goldblum as a will-executor (note the classy accentuated speeches he makes), Jude Law as the writer to who the story is narrated & like one would expect, Bill Murray comes in a flash-and-you-miss role. Seeing them all gives one the kick.
  • The film’s huge strength is the creative storyboarding & art-work and with brilliant sets of the grand Hotel, the alpine fields and ranges, the Mendl’s Cake box, cakes & vans – Taste to the senses!
  • The experimental camera-work by Robert Yeoman & the unconventional editing from Barney Pilling come to the fore in the ultra-zoom & flash-cut segments respectively and make it work for an incisive cinema lover. Witty one-liners filled with sarcasm, music in the Museum scene & the action in the skiing blitz scene are other points worth a mention.

What’s Not

  • The film is rather unconventional & has rapid cuts making it difficult for unseasoned audience to follow and enjoy what it presents.



Verdict Stamp

Wes Anderson provides the viewer with a unique delightful cinematic experience that has its share of funny and tacky moments. The film makes you feel you have experienced a stay at the lovely Zubrowka.