Pedersen, is a Danish Commander deployed in Afghanistan, whose company is fighting against the Taliban forces in the region. While burdened with the thought of his wife pulling out all the stops to raise three children back home, one of his men dies from a mine blast on duty. To keep the team focussed, he starts leading them on the field work. One day when the company is caught in hostile fire, he makes an impulsive decision which puts him and his family through a lot of trouble.
Running Time:
115 min
Release date:
27 August 2015
Directed by:
Tobias Lindholm
Produced by:
René Ezra
Tomas Radoor
Written by:
Tobias Lindholm
Pilou Asbæk
Søren Malling
Dar Salim
Tuva Novotny
Charlotte Munck
Dulfi Al-Jabouri
Shot by:
Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Editing by:
Adam Nielsen
Distributed by:
Nordisk Film Distribution

What’s Hot

  • The brief scenes featuring frontline combat and sweeping scenes have been visually choreographed well and impeccable sound design makes it natural to immerse the audience in the experience. The way in which the mine blast and the ambush begins is really startling on screen, just like how the soldiers would have encountered them!
  • The director Tobias Lindholm’s choice of cast is commendable for using real life soldiers to play part of actual combat team except for the lead actors. Not stopping there, the prosecution lawyer and the inquisitive kids of the lead actor lend that touch of authenticity to the narrative and on screen action.
  • The lead characters played by Pilou Asbæk as Claus Michael Pedersen, Dar Salim as Najib Bisma and Tuva Novotny as Maria Pedersen, each have a story to tell on their own with their skill full acting that expose the right emotions required to suit the drama. The exchanges between Pedersen and Maria are so touching and charismatic to watch.
  • The story sets the perfect premise for an engaging concoction of adrenaline and emotions. Just when we think it is going to be another frontline combat drama, it seamlessly transforms into another zone while keeping the interest intact for the viewers.

What’s Not

  • Most portions of the unit’s field ops are treated with a documentary style of filmmaking which is a little uncomfortable to fit alongside the rest of the movie showing the scenes on and off the battle field which definitely add more flavour to the storyline.




Verdict Stamp

‘A War’ is such a finely made low-key portrayal of a combat action turned emotional drama, made possible by realistic casting and situations that extract the best of the lead actors – now that’s an authentic and gripping narrative to feed your senses!