Allan, on his 100th birthday takes off from his retirement home with no intent of coming back. Very soon he gets in the way of a shady biker gang and takes off with their suitcase on his trip to nowhere and keeps tagging acquaintances along the way. When the biker gang starts tracking him down, a lot of unexpected events follow which is narrated along with his life time experiences.
Running Time:
114 min
Release date:
25 December 2013
Directed by:
Felix Herngren
Produced by:
Felix Herngren
Malte Forssell
Henrik Jansson-Schweizer
Written by:
Felix Herngren
Hans Ingemansson
Jonas Jonasson
Based on:
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by
Jonas Jonasson
Robert Gustafsson
Iwar Wiklander
David Wiberg
Mia Skäringer
Jens Hultén
Alan Ford
Music by:
Matti Bye
Shot by:
Göran Hallberg
Editing by:
Henrik Källberg
Distributed by:
Buena Vista International

What’s Hot

  • Just three minutes into the movie, your senses are kindled in anticipation of what other whacky moments are in store for you, when you see Allan blowing up a fox after luring it with sausage tied to dynamite! Felix Herngren ensures the events described and enacted in the movie is progressively funny and enjoyable with his smart direction.
  • Despite based on a novel, the screenplay is used effectively to provide a different experience instead of a mundane translation from book to screen. The narration of Allan’s past intercepting his adventurous journey in the present is a good distraction.
  • The story in all its jest, shows a different side of how-things-worked in the most looked upon events of the twentieth century starting from the creation of the atom bomb, the activities of spies and double agents for CIA, KGB and the hilarious run-ins between Allan and Truman, Einstein, Stalin, Reagan – the list is as endless as the fun.
  • Having a tone of spoof spread all over it limits the scope of acting for many characters. However, Allan played by Robert Gustafsson and David Wiberg who plays Benny – a jack of all academic courses but master of none kind of a character, have shown good resourcefulness and stand out from the lot with effortless performances.
  • Allan’s fascination for blowing up things is depicted well with scores of bridges blown up in the war, culminating in the atomic bomb creation – the impact of all of these is accentuated with some great cinematography and visual effects from the technical team.

What’s Not

  • In what could be an adverse effect of glamorization of war and violence, the movie gives a feeling of remorseless embracement of killing without even a tinge of humanitarian considerations – an aspect which can be termed insensitive in an overt attempt to be bizarre and wild.




Verdict Stamp

The hundred-year-old-man who climbed out the window and disappeared, is not the typical movie that details the life story of an old man, for its extremely wild nature and hilarious presentation of events that is bound to capture our attention – now that’s one enjoyable whacky tale!