The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgian, 2012)

Didier, who is a part of a Country music band, meets Elise, a tattoo artist and passion for American music and culture unites them in romance. Elise joins the band and the rest is history as they end up wed-locked and soon after welcome Maybelle into their family. Their dream is jolted when Maybelle is diagnosed with cancer. How the couple cope with the pain, sorrow, frustration and helplessness, forms the rest of the tale that depicts a bitter battle between beliefs and love.
Running Time:
111 mins
Release date:
10 October 2012
Directed by:
Felix Van Groeningen
Produced by:
Dirk Impens
Written by:
Carl Joos
Felix Van Groeningen
Veerle Baetens
Johan Heldenbergh
Nell Cattrysse
Geert Van Rampelberg
Nils De Caster
Robbie Cleiren
Music by:
Bjorn Eriksson
Shot by:
Ruben Impens
Editing by:
Nico Leunen

What’s Hot

  • The screenplay is handled intelligently by Felix Van Groeningen, where scenes in the present are shown intertwined with the scenes from the past. Within the circle of a relationship, events depicting a break in the circle are shown interspersed with corresponding events from the past which completed the circle in the first place.
  • Music forms a crucial medium in the film as it is used extensively to portray the mood of the lead pair and the events surrounding their life. Given the importance, the songs and the background score by Bjorn Eriksson, do not disappoint and blend excellently into the scheme of things.
  • Johan Heldenbergh and Veerle Baetens steal the show with noteworthy performances as the lead pair. The romance is refreshing and their emotions when they are in denial, acceptance and moving on with reality are exceptional. Nell Cattrysse, convincingly plays the innocent, intriguing daughter and the bonding with Johan and Veerle is ever so natural.
  • Despite delving into a tragic story line, the sorrow is not profound and burdening, thanks to some handy work at editing by Nico Leunen and the choice of bright lighting to most of the scenes.

What’s Not

  • A tinge of politics and religion is thrown into the mix in an attempt to provide consolation to a disturbed mind and to obtain answers for uncertainties in life. Scenes revolving around this provide ample scope for censorship as a dig is taken at political leaders and religious beliefs.



Verdict Stamp

This is one beautifully depicted illustration of the circle of a relationship and the emotional turmoil associated when the circle breaks down.

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