Jep Gambardella, the writer of one of the most acclaimed works in Italy’s modern literature finds it difficult to regroup & come up with his second work and is in search of the great beauty for inspiration. He visits people, places, enjoys the Roman night life & nearly gets the inspiration when he hangs out with his friend’s daughter. But a series of unexpected events unfold & a memory from his past comes back to haunt him. Finally, it takes a 104 year old church missionary to evoke back the inspiration in him. Does it come at the right time?
Running Time:
142 min
Release date:
21 May 2013
Directed by:
Paolo Sorrentino
Produced by:
Nicola Giuliano
Francesca Cima
Fabio Conversi
Written by:
Paolo Sorrentino
Umberto Contarello
Toni Servillo
Carlo Verdone
Carlo Buccirosso
Sabrina Ferilli
Iaia Forte
Music by:
Lele Marchitelli
Shot by:
Luca Bigazzi
Editing by:
Cristiano Travaglioli
Distributed by:
Medusa Film

What’s Hot

  • This work of Paolo Sorrentino is straight from the heart and is an artistic piece & an ode to the rich heritage Italy (Rome, in particular) carries! It is classy, poetic and for some part, even incomprehensible backed by a crew that has displayed high technical standards.
  • The writing from Sorrentino & Umberto Contarello is exemplary. It is difficult to find films where you won’t be able to predict even one scene and this is one of those rare gems. The cuts make it even more difficult to easily tie things and in that lies its marvel.
  • The film’s cinematography by Luca Bigazzi deserves a very special mention because of the way it meanders across and pierces through characters!
  • Toni Servillo, as the writer Jep Gambardella exhibits marvelous acting with his marked expressions, free flowing dialogue delivery sparkling with wit and the classy suits he comes up in add to the respect his character garners.
  • The conversations at the parties, between the couple & between old friends, with the Saint etc. have a good dose of philosophical touch and stay in context with the film’s storyline.
  • Lele Marchitelli’s music is stunning to say the least & the couple of Italian and English Orchestrated pieces are mesmerising. The modern music running in the weirdly themed parties too stay noticeable.

What’s Not

  • The film requires more than one watch to completely discern the intentions behind each and every scene. So, it may make us feel restless at times just like yesteryear classics like Federico Fellini’s 8-and-a-half would have!



Verdict Stamp

The hurdles a prolific writer of rich thoughts has to go through in terms of finding motivation, inspiration, breaking his mental shackles are presented in an unpredictable ambitious & artistic style!