Ernest et Célestine (or) Ernest & Celestine (French, 2013)

Celestine, a young mouse does not want to believe in the common notion that all bears are evil. She is a great artist, but forced to work at dentistry and is tasked with collection of fallen teeth from little bears, at which she is a miserable failure. During one of her misadventures, she encounters a hungry bear, Ernest and helps him steal candy and later saves him from the Police too. Ernest agrees to help Celestine by assisting her to steal teeth from a Denture shop. This awkward pairing does not go well with either species which triggers a series of unexpected situations and ends in a touching climax.
Running Time:
81 min
Release date:
21 May 2013
Directed by:
Stéphane Aubier
Vincent Patar
Benjamin Renner
Produced by:
Didier Brunner
Henri Magalon
Vincent Tavier
Written by:
Daniel Pennac
Lambert Wilson
Pauline Brunner
Dominique Maurin
Anne-Marie Loop
Music by:
Vincent Courtois
Distributed by:
Studio Canal

What’s Hot

  • The old school animation techniques used to bring the harmless hand-drawn pastel paintings to life, points out that hi-fi imagery is not required to capture the imagination of the audience. Simple art is transformed into outrageous scenes with great attention to detail.
  • The sound design is belligerent and suits the rebellious tone of the story which challenges the beliefs of the society. The orchestration of the scene when the intricacies of Celestine’s painting are translated into motion by means of musical tones is really enjoyable and truly poetic.
  • The movie aims to destroy the distorted notions of the society that breed undue fear and hate towards other communities. The prejudices of certain powerful individuals are forced upon the vulnerable. The story attempts to prove this wrong with a binding and emotional message sprinkled with utmost creativity.
  • Despite having a strong intellectual message which is the need of the hour, on a lighter note, the importance of dental hygiene and the effects of irresponsible eating habits are also brought out to educate kids, who are the targeted audience.



Verdict Stamp

This is a sweet tale of friendship between a bear and a mouse, which is crafted with an uncanny knack to provide intellectual and artistic satisfaction.

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