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Welcome to PipingHotViews, a minimalist movie review website. Contrary to the popular practice of reviewing movies based on numbers, we focus on highlighting the prominent features of the movie, both on the positive and negative fronts.


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Tamil Movie Reviews

  • Maanagaram Movie Review PipingHotViews

Maanagaram (Tamil, 2017)

‘Maanagaram’ proves to be that whiff of freshness we crave for amongst odourless cont [...]

  • Kuttram 23 Movie Review PipingHotViews

Kuttram 23 (Tamil, 2017)

For the fans of thrillers and the lovers of family dramas, ‘Kuttram 23’ could be your perfect get [...]

  • MaveeranKittu-PipingHotViews

Maveeran Kittu (Tamil, 2016)

‘Maveeran Kittu’ bears the trademark of Suseenthiran’s style of impactful storytelling which bene [...]

English Movie Reviews

  • SingStreet-PipingHotViews

Sing Street (English, 2016)

The monochrome background of Dublin stays a perfect canvas for this wonderful tale that brings ou [...]

  • Allied-PipingHotViews

Allied (English, 2016)

Allied has to be labelled as a missed opportunity since the end product, in spite of the admirabl [...]

  • SuicideSquad-PipingHotViews

Suicide Squad (English, 2016)

‘Suicide Squad’ has entertaining moments and characters, but suffers from rough editi [...]

Hindi Movie Reviews

  • Mukti Bhawan Hotel Salvation Movie Review PipingHotViews

Mukti Bhawan (or) Hotel Salvation (Hindi, 2016)

Following Masaan, debutant filmmaker Shubhashish Bhutiani’s Hotel Salvation is another indie gem [...]

  • Dangal Movie Review PipingHotViews

Dangal (Hindi, 2016)

Movies like Dangal are more of an experience than just a watch. Revolutionaries are spirited indi [...]

Other Language Reviews

  • Angamaly Diaries Movie Review PipingHotViews

Angamaly Diaries (Malayalam, 2017)

‘Angamaly Diaries’ cannot be simply described in words for it is undoubtedly an experience of a l [...]

  • ToniErdmann-PipingHotViews

Min pappa Toni Erdmann (or) Toni Erdmann (German, 2016)

Toni Erdmann is your ‘need of the hour’ tale which uses madcap humour and deep philosophy to seve [...]

Short Film Reviews

  • Andha Naal Nyabagam Short Film Review PipingHotViews

Andha Naal Nyabagam (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

While Over A Chai had the viewer at a distance throughout (not the relatability but the actual pr [...]

  • Sthreepart Short Film Review PipingHotViews

Sthreepart (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

Sthreepart is an ambitious short film that talks primarily about the various types of women docum [...]


  • Q42016_PipingHotViews

Our Picks from Q4 2016 : Tamil Films

The last quarter of the year, for all practical purposes over the last few years, is an extended [...]

  • The Man who owned Kollywood in 2016 Perspectives Vijay Sethupathi PipingHotViews

The ‘Assault’ Sethu of Kollywood’s 2016

In popular opinion, the year that has almost gone by, has been considered one of the most cruel o [...]

  • PipingHotViews Our Picks from Quarter 3 2016 Tamil Films

Our Picks from Q3 2016 : Tamil Films

The third quarter of 2016 saw quite a few critically acclaimed performances pitted against just t [...]

  • Q2-2016-pipinghotviews

Our Picks from Q2 2016 : Tamil Films

The summer quarter of 2016 has been refreshingly good for Kollywood, continuing the momentum that [...]