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Welcome to PipingHotViews, a minimalist movie review website. Contrary to the popular practice of reviewing movies based on numbers, we focus on highlighting the prominent features of the movie, both on the positive and negative fronts.


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Tamil Movie Reviews

  • Maragadha Naanayam Movie Review PipingHotViews

Maragadha Naanayam (Tamil, 2017)

With dark humour as its uncompromised base, Maragadha Naanayam keeps adding more flavours of fantasy and adventure as it rolls along. Witty writing covers up for the flat lining phases of the narrative to ensure the creativity stays afloat to spring surprises!

  • Rangoon Movie Review PipingHotViews

Rangoon (Tamil, 2017)

Rangoon is driven way above your average lot of whodunits by confident performances and concerted efforts at stringing a credible story. Pampered by brilliant music and captivating songs, the overall experience is nothing short of a roller-coaster that looked promising for even more!

  • Yeidhavan Movie Review PipingHotViews

Yeidhavan (Tamil, 2017)

Yeidhavan is another one of the promising ventures that loses steam towards the end primarily due to too much of spoon feeding via dialogues. Still it is a watchable film from debutant Sakthi Rajasekaran, Kalaiarasan and Team.

English Movie Reviews

  • SingStreet-PipingHotViews

Sing Street (English, 2016)

The monochrome background of Dublin stays a perfect canvas for this wonderful tale that brings out the ethereal bliss of making music for love and rebellion. After Once & Begin Again, Carney has once again come up trumps with a film that will make you root for the protagonists unequivocally and also push you to buy the soundtrack album.

  • Allied-PipingHotViews

Allied (English, 2016)

Allied has to be labelled as a missed opportunity since the end product, in spite of the admirable efforts of Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt, does not have the desired impact.

  • SuicideSquad-PipingHotViews

Suicide Squad (English, 2016)

'Suicide Squad' has entertaining moments and characters, but suffers from rough editing, middling special effects and more profoundly from a storytelling viewpoint so much that it lacks in both impetus and consistency. One can’t help but wonder why DC would end up making such an uninspired, dim and un-thoughtful flick.

Hindi Movie Reviews

  • Mukti Bhawan Hotel Salvation Movie Review PipingHotViews

Mukti Bhawan (or) Hotel Salvation (Hindi, 2016)

Following Masaan, debutant filmmaker Shubhashish Bhutiani’s Hotel Salvation is another indie gem with the fabulous Varanasi as its backdrop. Restrained performances and witty writing makes this an enjoyable roller-coaster of emotions.

  • Dangal Movie Review PipingHotViews

Dangal (Hindi, 2016)

Movies like Dangal are more of an experience than just a watch. Revolutionaries are spirited individuals who had the courage to face adversity head on and inspire change. To state that Mahavir inspired Geeta and Babita to fight their opponents just inside the ring would be an understatement. The Dronacharya award stands testament to this!

Other Language Reviews

  • OnduMotteyaKathe_PipingHotViews

Ondu Motteya Kathe (Kannada, 2017)

In an age where content-driven movies are hard to come by and humor usually means double entendre, Ondu Motteya Kathe is a welcome change and has not just a simple and strong story line but also some intense individual performances and shrewd direction. It does take guts to make a movie out of a situation that one come across in everyday life but it take some real astuteness to sell it as a product and convince the audience. Raj B Shetty checks these boxes!!

  • Angamaly Diaries Movie Review PipingHotViews

Angamaly Diaries (Malayalam, 2017)

‘Angamaly Diaries’ cannot be simply described in words for it is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. A flawless portrayal of craft and skill and loaded with the local flavour of Kerala, this creation is definitely not to be missed – arguably the finest one would have seen in a long time!

Short Film Reviews

  • Jai Mata Di Short Film Review PipingHotViews

Jai Mata Di (Hindi, 2017) | Short Film Review

A young couple is being shown a fully furnished house in Mumbai by a broker who waxes lyrical about the housing society and how neighbors are never a problem as everybody has their own business to mind. As decision time beckons we see the differing perspectives of the couple and the fact that they are in a live-in relationship. Out of nowhere, the broker says the society doesn’t allow live-in couples. Of course, we don’t see the lady breaking into a song to impress the association head à la Ok Kanmani. The broker instead proposes an idea to solve their problem. And what an idea it is!

  • Andha Naal Nyabagam Short Film Review PipingHotViews

Andha Naal Nyabagam (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

While Over A Chai had the viewer at a distance throughout (not the relatability but the actual proximity to the characters on screen) 'Andha Naal Nyabagam' is highly claustrophobic especially after the Rajagopalan character enters the life of Karthik.


  • Q12017_Banner

Our Picks from Q1 2017 : Tamil Films

Beaten-to-death Bairavaa, Bogus Bogan, Sonorous Singam 3, Cocky Kavan - The less said about the big films of 2017's first quarter, the better. There have been quarters when our team has had a tough time in deciding which film to leave while making the Quarter's 'Top Picks'. This one too was difficult but for the exact opposite reason! Of the 43 releases in the quarter, 4 off 5 films that made it to our list are small films from inexperienced film makers that endeared us with their charm and intent. So biggies in pipeline, beware. We see a shift in pattern coming along. Heading to our Five (yes, we were forced to cut down from 'Six' to 'Five') picks now:

  • Q42016_PipingHotViews

Our Picks from Q4 2016 : Tamil Films

The last quarter of the year, for all practical purposes over the last few years, is an extended one going by the latest trend of movies releasing in the last couple of weeks in December. Such schedules have gone on to become a film editor's nightmare who would otherwise have his/her list prepared in time for the New Year's Eve. Precisely for that reason, we have our last quarter's coverage extended to the week before Pongal. Over this extended quarter, there were two grand festivals - The Navarathiri week that was lit up by the Remo, Rekka, Devi trio followed by Deepavali, which, despite the lack of a huge star film release, clicked with the release of Dhanush's Kodi that surprised us with its meaty role on offer for the female lead! Gautham's reunion with Simbu in AYM was the big release in November & with the Chennai Sharks' reunion in Venkat Prabhu's Chennai-28 II early in December, the holiday mood got set in advance. The year ended on a fine note with 21 year old Karthick Naren's Dhuruvangal 16 coming literally out of nowhere and knocking the viewers over with its presentation. 2017 might be that year, after years, when films of all the four big stars in Kollywood might have a release. Which 4 are we talking about?! We will leave that to your imagination. On that note, let's head to give one last good-bye to 2016 with our picks from its last quarter.

  • The Man who owned Kollywood in 2016 Perspectives Vijay Sethupathi PipingHotViews

The ‘Assault’ Sethu of Kollywood’s 2016

In popular opinion, the year that has almost gone by, has been considered one of the most cruel ones with its share of bad news and happenings considerably higher than the share of good ones. There are always exceptions . Virat Kohli, for example, may not agree. He has had one of the most accomplishing years in his ever-growing cricketing career. Looking for an exception within the Kollywood circles, you needn’t go any further than Vijay Sethupathi!

  • PipingHotViews Our Picks from Quarter 3 2016 Tamil Films

Our Picks from Q3 2016 : Tamil Films

The third quarter of 2016 saw quite a few critically acclaimed performances pitted against just the one blockbuster candidate - Superstar Rajni's Kabali which despite being a brilliant attempt that deserved more recognition, failed to live up to the misleading pre-release hype and set a sobre tone for the rest of the quarter that largely served quantity over quality! Notable disappointments included biggies Thodari and Irumugan while the low-key releases like Andavan Kattalai and Kutrame Dhandanai hogging the limelight. Joker turned up the heat big time and proved to be the ultimate dark horse that had a unanimous positive response in stark contrast to many other movies that led to polarizing opinions among both critics and the general public. Now lets walk through those deserving movies that made it to our top-picks