The Gothenburg International Film Festival for 2018 concluded couple of weeks ago. The largest film festival in Scandinavia had close to 450 films from 80 countries this year. The 10 day festival was managed in splendid fashion by the Team including the volunteers who help in every little detail for the attending audience irrespective of their knowledge of the Swedish language. It should also be added the festival does not restrict itself to films but has seminars, live music performances, art exhibits, etc.

While I could not attend the seminars or the music performances I thoroughly enjoyed the Master class session by Oscar winning hometown girl, Alicia Vikander who spoke about the linguistic challenges that she faced while starting her career in Hollywood and the UK. She also was candid about humungous effort behind shooting in various virgin locations across the world and underplayed the glitz and glamour associated with the Film industry.

Across the 10 days, I got the opportunity to view films that various countries had sent in as their submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar along with some splendid selections as part of the Nordic competition. Here are few films from the ones I watched that really caught my eye.

Holiday 41st Gothenburg Film Festival