The workaholic Rajiv gets a strange demand from his father, Daya to accompany him to Varanasi where he plans to die. With mounting pressure from office and the impending wedding of his daughter Rajiv reluctantly agrees to accompany his father to Varanasi where they are welcomed to a Hotel which is precisely for people who are said to be counting their final days.
Running Time:
102 min
Release date:
07 October 2016
Directed by:
Shubhashish Bhutiani
Produced by:
Sajida Sharma
Sanjay Bhutiani
Written by:
Shubhashish Bhutiani
Adil Hussain
Lalit Behl
Geetanjali Kulkarni
Palomi Ghosh
Navnindra Behl
Anil K Rastogi
Music by:
Tajdar Junaid
Shot by:
Mike Mcsweeny
David Huwiler
Editing by:
Manas Mittal

What’s Hot

  • Adil Hussain who plays the role of Rajiv has this knack of getting into a wonderful indie whilst also making sure of his presence in the mainstream space. As ever, here too he does not steal the limelight but allows others to claim the applause in numerous scenes. The way he baulks at multiple unforeseen situations and his conflicting emotions in the climax are a measure of his class and control over his art.
  • Lalit Behl as Daya is an excellent casting decision. He makes the part come alive through his mischievous talks with his grand/daughter (well-enacted by Palomi Ghosh) and his initial point-blank responses to his son. The way he comes back to his son by bravely admitting his past errors is heart-warming and realistic. His conversations surrounding death with the outstanding Navnindra Behl (who plays Vimala) are a riot.
  • Geetanjali Kulkari who delighted us in Court is back again with a role that offers very little emotion yet so utterly slice-of-life. Anil Rastogi as the Manager of the ‘Hotel Salvation’ is marvellous with his funny quips that also have a philosophical tinge to it.
  • Dialogues are subtle to make sure that the film does not venture too much into melodrama even in places where Daya or Rajiv come out of their shell. The situations surrounding Rajiv’s cooking and learning the nuances from his wife are delightfully written. In spite of the movie’s theme being centered on death, the film projects it as an act of liberation like a beautiful full stop to a long winding sentence.
  • Camerawork by David Huwiler & Michael McSweeney is very functional and does not dominate proceedings by throwing picturesque Varanasi frames at us. The background score by Tajdar Junaid also matches up with the proceedings well.

What’s Not

  • In spite of Vimala’s and Mishra’s constant funny lines, there are a few places where the film becomes predictable like the Daya’s first illness at Varanasi.



Screened at

Göteborg Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival is an annual film festival in Gothenburg, Sweden and the largest film event in Scandinavia. The film festival takes place over 10 days each year at the end of January and beginning of February. During eleven intense days, about 500 films from about 90 countries are showcased. In addition, it offers a comprehensive festival programme with a wide arrange of seminars, meetings, parties and other industry activities.

Event Info

Date of Screening : 02-Feb-2017
Venue and Time : Biopalatset 1 , 5.15 PM

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Verdict Stamp

Following Masaan, debutant filmmaker Shubhashish Bhutiani’s Hotel Salvation is another indie gem with the fabulous Varanasi as its backdrop. Restrained performances and witty writing makes this an enjoyable roller-coaster of emotions.