In the 1940s a secret mission on behalf of the allies brings together two agents as a couple to assassinate the German Ambassador in French Morocco. The mission brings them closer and they commence a happy life together only to understand that not everything is true, glittery as it may seem.
Running Time:
124 min
Release date:
23 November 2016
Directed by:
Robert Zemeckis
Produced by:
Graham King
Robert Zemeckis
Steve Starkey
Written by:
Steven Knight
Brad Pitt
Marion Cotillard
Jared Harris
Simon McBurney
Lizzy Caplan
Matthew Goode
Music by:
Alan Silvestri
Shot by:
Don Burgess
Editing by:
Jeremiah O’Driscoll
Mick Audsley
Distributed by:
Central Partnership
Columbia Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Sony Pictures Releasing
United International Pictures
Universal Pictures International

What’s Hot

  • Brad Pitt fits the role of an agent quite well and has handled himself quite admirably during the deep emotional sequences that the latter part of the film demands from him. However, he is overshadowed by the dazzling Marion Cotillard who emotes like a dream and charms everyone with her eloquence and smartness. She is outstanding when she shows her vulnerable self to her husband.
  • The film is shot beautifully amidst the deserts of Casablanca and the lush British setting. In combination with the exquisite production design and costumes the film manages to seamlessly transport us into the Second World War era. The way the lead actors carry off the costumes is also commendable.
  • The legendary Rober Zemeckis helms the classic, “who can you trust” war drama with consummate ease. He stages the set pieces quite well and has the audience in his hook by holding back on the action until the last moment possible. The first aggressive act of Brad Pitt in Casablanca which comes up when you least expect is a fine example.

What’s Not

  • In spite of the cast and the setting for a classic war-drama on the lines of Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart starrer Casablanca (there is remarkable likeness between Bergman and Cotillard in fact), the end product does not come through since the script by Steven Knight does not have enough crests. Even the sequences where Pitt is confused do not come through cohesively as much as they needed to.


Art Direction


Verdict Stamp

Allied has to be labelled as a missed opportunity since the end product, in spite of the admirable efforts of Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt, does not have the desired impact.