Vetrimaaran IPS is a young and dedicated cop posted as the Assistant Commissioner of Police in Chennai, where he lives with his parents and his brother. A seemingly innocuous case of a missing woman he is assigned to, evolves to become a double murder case. Though the investigation leads him to meet his soulmate, the case gets murkier by the day. The situation get out of hand when his own family gets embroiled in the mix and he is pushed against time to decode the mystery.
Running Time:
134 min
Release date:
03 March 2017
Directed by:
Produced by:
Inder Kumar
Arun Vijay
Aarathi M. Arun
Written by:
Based on:
Kuttram 23 by Rajesh Kumar
Arun Vijay
Mahima Nambiar
Thambi Ramaiah
Vamsi Krishna
Aravind Akash
Amit Bhargav
Music by:
Vishal Chandrasekhar
Shot by:
Bhaskaran K. M.
Editing by:
Bhuvan Srinivasan
Distributed by:
In Cinema Entertainment

What’s Hot

  • Director Arivazhagan owns the show from start to finish as he brings to life an astounding novel by Rajesh Kumar who managed a delicate fusion of a proper medical thriller into a premise that taps into the deep system of family values. Arivazhagan also manages to drive home strong points about the misuse of medical advancements and the undue stress wielded upon families, without getting too preachy and keeping the screenplay unpredictable all the while!
  • If Yennai Arindhaal gave a new lease of life to Arun Vijay’s career, his role in this movie is sure to give him the much needed bump to the front. With his performance as a smart cop, he is able to provide just the right mix of attitude and screen presence. He doesn’t disappoint with the deft transformations into a love struck Romeo and an affectionate member of the family as well!
  • The camera handled by K.M.Bhaskaran who did a stellar show in the sports drama Vallinam, tells a story of its own with the dynamic coverage of the stunts featured in the film which is another crowning mention about this movie. If the first sequence featuring Arun Vijay and Silva had breath-taking camera coverage, the one with Aravind Akash stand outs for the stunt choreography in such a closed space!
  • The other cast members rallied pretty well around Arun Vijay with Mahima Nambiar making heads turn for her charming looks and proficient acting. While Thambi Ramaiah provided the right dose of quick and funny one liners as a reliable sidekick, Amit Bhargav and the rest of the supporting cast had their roles well executed.
  • Vishal Chandrasekar’s background score held the viewers hostage for much of the duration. Though the romantic number was just about passable, the brilliant “Thoduvaanam” number that underlined the mood of the second half was just magical and haunts the mind for some time after coming out of the movie too!

What’s Not

  • The villains played by Vamsi Krishna and Aravind Akash demanded better characterizations. With the protagonist throwing in all his might, their characters looked a lot circumspect and had a lot of explaining to do for their actions, which kind of diffused the impact of impending final confrontation.




Verdict Stamp

For the fans of thrillers and the lovers of family dramas, ‘Kuttram 23’ could be your perfect getaway to have a taste of both genres. It offers the right premise to keep the intellect and mind engaged equally for every minute of this crowning presentation of perfected skills!