Abby Richters, a morning TV producer who has a miserable love-life encounters Mike Chadway, the chauvinistic host of another local Television show. When the two completely opposite personalities are under compulsion to work together, the guy takes control and starts to mentor the girl’s love life. Sparks fly when they find themselves in love with each other.
Running Time:
96 min
Release date:
24 July 2009
Directed by:
Robert Luketic
Produced by:
Karen McCullah Lutz
Tom Rosenberg
Gary Lucchesi
Written by:
Nicole Eastman
Karen McCullah Lutz
Kirsten Smith
Katherine Heigl
Gerard Butler
Eric Winter
Nick Searcy
Cheryl Hines
Music by:
Aaron Zigman
Shot by:
Russell Carpenter
Editing by:
Lisa Zeno Churgin
Distributed by:
Columbia Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Gerard Butler as Mike owns the movie with his suave performance. His one-liners do save the movie for most parts. Butler’s chemistry with Heigl shoulders the movie and plays a vital part in keeping the screenplay adrift.
  • Katherine Heigl as Abby plays her character as required. Methodical, Strong-Willed and always dominated by Gerard Butler, she plays her part to perfection.
  • The supporting characters – the one who plays Abby’s first date, Mike’s boss and many others provide apt support to the script.
  • The one standout scene has to be the ‘elevator’ scene where the lead characters sense love for the first time. Undoubtedly, the best part of the movie!
  • The movie offers considerable amount of ROFL moments (few of them being raunchy!!!) which makes the screenplay sail through.

What’s Not

  • The storyline is as old as the hills.‘Opposite poles getting attracted to each other’ has been a tried and tested formula in Hollywood. If you take out spirited performances from the lead pair and their cracking chemistry, there is nothing new this movie could offer us.



Verdict Stamp

‘The Ugly Truth’ is just another rom-com that offers laughs on many occasions with a done-to-death storyline. Expect a few ultra funny gags and you will be more than pleased.