When Gautham and Nithya are ditched by their respective partners they unite in abusing the newly-wed couple under the influence of alcohol. As expected, their friendship blossoms in to love but things get messy when Nithya gets engaged to Raja before Gautham could propose and he breaks into depression. When Nithya breaks up with Raja & calls off the engagement, she realizes her love for Gautham but it is still too late as Gautham is in rebound phase and is in a relationship with another girl called Kavya.
Running Time:
143 min
Release date:
25 April 2014
Directed by:
Ravi Tyagarajan
Produced by:
P. Ravikumar
P. V. Prasad
Written by:
Nandini Reddy
Gautham Karthik
Rakul Preet Singh
Prabhu Ganesan
Anupama Kumar
Nikeesha Patel
Music by:
D. Imman
Shot by:
Gopi Jagadeeswaran
Editing by:
I J Alen
Distributed by:
Ravi Prasad Productions

What’s Hot

  • Gautham Karthik and Rakul Preet Singh make a very pretty pair and have sparkling chemistry. After making a brilliant debut in Thadayara Thakka Rakul Preet Singh playing the role of Nithya emotes wonderfully and her energy is infectious.
  • Imman’s songs and the BGM form the real life-line of this flick with the songs having been picturised and choreographed fabulously. Almost all the songs are chartbusters but ‘Pudhiya Ulagai’ takes the cake for being the most soulful number heard in recent times.

What’s Not

  • There are umpteen places where the film’s dialogues and situations seem extremely immature. The twists are artificial and predictable to the core. There is nothing new about the romantic angle as well and this makes the film drag throughout.
  • Anupama Kumar and Prabhu’s roles are badly written and it is very disappointing to see them accept such roles. The same goes to Gautham Karthik who has to be more careful while choosing scripts. The capable actors seem wasted in such a shabbily developed canvas.
  • None of the supporting actors make a mark and they have given hugely underwhelming performances. For a film with such high production value, it is pathetic to see the dubbing is out of sync at many places.



Verdict Stamp

A wannabe rom-com that fails to excite by running along a well-trodden path featuring some underwhelming performances.