The unexpected assassination of her husband in Texas leaves the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, zoned out. While she tries her best to conduct herself with the same poise, grace and dignity through his last rites; she recollects her life with him in the White House and how she has to move on.
Running Time:
100 min
Release date:
07 September 2016
Directed by:
Pablo Larrain
Produced by:
Ari Handel
Darren Aronofsky
Juan de Dios Larrain
Mickey Liddell
Pascal Caucheteux
Scott Franklin
Written by:
Noah Oppenheim
Greta Gerwig
Natalie Portman
Peter Sarsgaard
Aiden Weinberg
Billy Crudup
Caspar Phillipson
Music by:
Mica Levi
Shot by:
Stephane Fontaine
Editing by:
Sebastian Sepulveda
Distributed by:
Entertainment One Films
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Shaw Organisation

What’s Hot

  • Natalie Portman fills the shoes of a real-life Jackie Kennedy with charismatic ease. She has carried herself as the core of the movie. Equally worth mentioning is Peter Sarsgaard playing Robert Kennedy. Together, they have brought out the right emotions that the family goes through when a loved one departs.
  • Despite receiving some noise about historical accuracy, the screenplay of the biographical drama keeps the audience engaged for most of its running time. Jackie Kennedy’s thoughts through trauma; how she reflects upon her life till now; how she plans for the life after are all handled with surprising candor.
  • Pablo Lorrain has done a commendable job directing this movie and has stuck to what the movie is about and conveyed the movie to the audience in its most aesthetic form. Mica Levi has come up with some good experimental pop music to fuse well with the times then.
  • Jackie, being a period drama requires factual precision with respect to the culture of the then United States of America. A lot of care has been taken by the Art Direction and the Costume Design teams to give it the authenticity it deserves.

What’s Not

  • NA




Verdict Stamp

Jackie gives a brief insight on the immediate moments following JFK’s assassination. Sticking close to the original, Pablo Lorrain has hit jackpot in his debut English movie with Natalie Portman delivering a riveting performance as Jackie Kennedy.