Gandhi Babu is an ace conman who effortlessly thinks up schemes to swindle gullible & greedy folks. However on a rare occasion when things do not go according to plan, he ends up in the clutches of a ruthless gang who threaten to kill him if he doesn’t think up a scheme to benefit them. He finds that it is next to impossible to escape from them and devises a cunning plan to save himself & his family.
Running Time:
149 min
Release date:
18 July 2014
Directed by:
H. Vinoth
Produced by:
Sanjay Rawal
Written by:
H. Vinoth
Ishara Nair
Music by:
Sean Roldan
Shot by:
K. G. Venkatesh
Editing by:
Raja Sethupathi
Distributed by:
Thirrupathi Brothers

What’s Hot

  • The fact that the hero Gandhi Babu played by famous cinematographer, Natraj AKA Natty and the heroine Banu, played by Ishara Nair do not look like a hero or heroine is itself the biggest plus to this film. While Natty has excelled in modulation & dialogue delivery, Ishara has done extremely well to portray the apt expressions for her docile role.
  • The shining stars of the film are certainly the supporting actors as they steal the show with minimum fuss. Be it Ilavarasu who is a riot as the Chettiar, or Piraisoodan who lives the role of a classical Tamizh speaking antagonist or Ramachandran who has risen up to give the best performance of his career as the antagonist’s sidekick; all of them fit their characters to a T.
  • In spite of the average songs, Sean Roldan’s background score consists of some interesting fusion which suits the theme of the film. His track record is now enviable with the amount of success all his projects have achieved.
  • The writer-director Vinoth is just about 32 years old but his deep-rooted philosophy in each dialogue in spite of being easy to understand for a common man makes us look at him in awe. Particularly, the dialogues about money being a cliché and the existence of a lie within every truth and a truth within every lie are monumental.
  • Although this is Vinoth’s first film, there is not a single occasion where his lack of experience shows. His usage of separate chapters to carry the film is worth appreciating. Also, his choice of using a combination of live-action & cartoon to show the hero’s flash-back is a nice touch even though there have been similar attempts in Tamizh cinema.

What’s Not

  • Even though almost all the characters on screen throw funny one-liners throughout, there are occasions when the engagement quotient falters due to non-existence of a prominent comic character.



Verdict Stamp

Sathuranga Vettai is a fabulously paced con drama featuring some impressive performances & delightful dialogues that are never cheesy which make you applaud the writer whole-heartedly. A Must Watch!