Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, the prodigy from Cambridge, waltzes his way past the motor neuron disease he acquires during college & goes well past the ‘2 years’ time his doctor gives him at first diagnosis. With the invaluable love and assistance from his lover turned wife, he defies physical and intellectual boundaries as he goes in his quest of explaining the ‘Theory of Everything’ on the beginning & the expansion of Universe.
Running Time:
123 min
Release date:
7 September 2014
Directed by:
James Marsh
Produced by:
Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Lisa Bruce
Anthony McCarten
Written by:
Anthony McCarten
Based on:
Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by
Jane Wilde Hawking
Eddie Redmayne
Felicity Jones
Charlie Cox
Emily Watson
Simon McBurney
David Thewlis
Christian McKay
Music by:
Jóhann Jóhannsson
Shot by:
Benoît Delhomme
Editing by:
Jinx Godfrey
Distributed by:
Universal Pictures

What’s Hot

  • In bringing home the story of a one of a kind physicist with unwavering passion for physics & the uncompromising role of his support system with heart-warming elegance, James Marsh & McCarten have succeeded in wonderfully adapting Jane Hawking’s real life story of her life with Stephen Hawking.
  • Eddie Redmayne literally transforms himself into Stephen Hawking and captures the nuances of the struggle over time with his deteriorating muscle activity with astonishing brilliance! The race for the Academy award gets mighty tough for others when you bring him in the mix.
  • In partnership with Eddie, Felicity Jones (who plays wife Jane Hawking) takes us through emotional, uplifting & heart-wrenching moments with the love she pours on him through her resilience, struggles & sacrifices.
  • The cinematography of Benoît Delhomme is intelligent in showing the wheel-chaired Stephen from a stationary PoV. Jóhann Jóhannsson’s stirring music lets us be more involved with the Stephen-Jane love story & Godfrey’s editing takes the cake when it explains the mutual feelings Jane & Jonathan have for each other & when it reverses the life of Stephen at the end and attempts to bring him to the beginning of his time(in sync with the theory that earned him his PhD)
  • The simplicity with which the film approaches physics (Jane’s explanation of Quantum theory & Relativity with Peas and Potato!)& explains how difficult day to day life would have been for the Hawking family (the usage of Coloured letter pad) blows you away.

What’s Not

  • While the film captures the essence it intends to – the relationship of Stephen and his wife, it is important to understand this isn’t an adaptation of Stephen’s book ‘A Brief History of Time’ and viewers unaware of that may be disappointed.



Verdict Stamp

It is an emotionally uplifting tale of a great physicist & his wife who selflessly travels with and for him in his journey over time for his passion for sciences that helps him in defying the very laws of science that limit his mobility.