Ajay and Renya are love smitten youth who get married despite opposition from Renya’s family. Ajay parties with his friends to celebrate the marriage, but wakes up the next day to find Renya dead due to a heart attack! He struggles to cope with the loss and does something listening to his mind rather than using his brain. This sets in motion a series of events that could harm his family and probably even the entire world! The chaos that ensues and Ajay’s attempts to contain it forms the rest of the story.
Running Time:
110 min
Release date:
5 December 2014
Directed by:
Prabu Yuvaraj
Produced by:
Written by:
Prabu Yuvaraj
Ashraf Akbar
Aditi Chengappa
Ashraf Akbar
Geetha Babu
JP Jay
Lawrence Ramu
Music by:
Raj Aryan
Shot by:
R Saravanan
Editing by:
Prem Boominathan
Distributed by:
Plan A Studios

What’s Hot

  • With a host of lesser known actors, the story penned by Ashraf and the director – Prabu Yuvaraj provides the necessary impetus for an engaging experience. The story brims with suspense due supernatural horror and at the same time due to glimpses of human misdemeanour, which make for interesting viewing without boring the audience.
  • Ashraf as Ajay, the lead man is quite effective in bringing out the desired levels of shock, despair and agony that his character demands. Though his dialogues look a bit forceful, he has been integral to Ajay’s convincing portrayal along with Lawrence Ramu who plays his friend. The duo has a lion’s share of the screen time and done adequate justice to the script.
  • Raj Aryan has proved his mettle by scoring spine chilling background scores to suit the mysterious and suspenseful horror-thriller that the movie is. The romantic duet and the pathos song featuring Ashraf and the eye-candy Aditi Chengappa, who plays Renya are both simple yet quite impactful with their minimal orchestration and beautiful renditions.
  • Cinematography, editing and art direction have worked magic together in the fantasy scenes featuring Ashraf especially in the scenes where he pictures himself encountering his own self and when he runs into delusional, infinite loops within his house. Making all this possible in just over 100 minutes in Tamil cinema is something that is commendable.

What’s Not

  • It’s not very hard to notice the stark similarities with a few Hollywood blockbusters of the likes of ‘Insidious’, when the story unravels its fantasy portions. This affects the movies portability as a novel attempt at fantasy horror.
  • As bizarre as is the death of a young girl due to cardiac arrest is the decision of an educated man to go into supernatural stuff without digging in to find what cause the cardiac arrest-which any normal person would do. Such a striking hole in the story is another eyesore.



Verdict Stamp

Breezy Romance, Suspicious deaths, Supernatural interactions, Delusional inferences, Greedy humans and a chaotic canvas to unravel the suspense - ‘Ra’ is the perfect concoction of them all and yet you will be kept busy playing the guessing game!