When two passengers who are on a 120-year space voyage are prematurely woken from their hibernation pods, they are forced to unstitch the furtive behind the blip and fight not just for their lives but also the lives of thousands of co-passengers who are still in a medically-induced hibernation state.
Running Time:
116 min
PG-13 (MPAA)
Release date:
22 December 2016
Directed by:
Morten Tyldum
Produced by:
Ben Browning
Michael Maher
Neal H Moritz
Ori Marmur
Stephen Hamel
Written by:
Jon Spaihts
Chris Pratt
Jennifer Lawrence
Michael Sheen
Alpha Takahashi
Ana Gray
Andy Garcia
Music by:
Thomas Newman
Shot by:
Rodrigo Prieto
Editing by:
Maryann Brandon
Distributed by:
Columbia Pictures
Golden Village Pictures
Sony Pictures Releasing

What’s Hot

  • Chris Pratt‘s virile charisma and Jennifer Lawrence’s goofiness are the selling points of the movie. Pratt and Lawrence exhibit remarkable chemistry and they end up providing believable and memorable performances.
  • The plot is simple and easy-to-understand when the sci-fi movies tend to gravitate towards adding scientific details and making the movie look increasingly complex. It’s plainly about a man and a woman bound by primal emotions of vulnerability and hope.
  • Thomas Newman has done a splendid job with the score for the film. The soundtrack is astonishing and augurs well with the whole setup of the movie.

What’s Not

  • Once the storyline is set in the first half an hour, the story, just like its characters, gets stuck and stalls haplessly. It wanders around for a while and looks to draw heavily on willful suspension of belief by the audience and ends up providing plenty of ‘yawn-worthy’ moments.




Verdict Stamp

Passengers is a great-looking film with an authentic idea, starts well, has amazing performances and visual effects but leads to a stereotyped ending. It may not be the best sci-fi flick of the year and perhaps not earth shatteringly brilliant, but worth getting some popcorn and relaxing down for a couple of hours.