A first-time space mission specialist Dr.Ryan Stone & a veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski are the sole survivors of the faulty Space shuttle Explorer. Their attempt to reach an International space station with which they could make their way back to planet earth takes a beating when debris floating off a Russian destruction mission put their lives in danger. At one point, Matt decides to let himself go so that at-least Ryan could possibly survive, he instructs her to reach a Chinese station 100 Km away and provides her the ‘means for survival’ leaving Ryan to ponder over the question on the ‘need for survival’!
Running Time:
90 mins
Release date:
4 October 2013
Directed by:
Alfonso Cuarón
Produced by:
Alfonso Cuarón
David Heyman
Written by:
Alfonso Cuarón
Jonás Cuarón
Sandra Bullock
George Clooney
Music by:
Steven Price
Shot by:
Emmanuel Lubezki
Editing by:
Alfonso Cuarón
Mark Sanger
Distributed by:
Warner Bros. Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Alfonso Cuarón’s creative imagination & execution needs tremendous appreciation, for it is mighty difficult to imagine an incident of such a scale & to bring such an imagination on screen and cause an impact on the viewers!
  • The editor in Cuarón stamps his presence with one of the longest sequences in movie history, spanning about 20 minutes! Effort from Cinematographers, Writer, Performing actors & the VFX team are worth a mention in bringing this spectacular starting sequence to life.
  • Sandra Bullock as Dr.Ryan emotes very well in the sequences involving psychological questions & George Clooney proves he can be as cool and comforting in outer space as he usually is on earth,in other films.
  • Touching & metaphorical scenes are strong & sensibly shown – Ryan moving to a foetal position upon getting into the protection of the spacecraft, the cross-talk with the guy on Radio and the questions it raises in her are examples.
  • It will be unfair not to mention the brilliant work of all involved in getting the Visual effects, miniatures & the strongly researched artwork to perfection. The music that runs in loop suits the mood of the dark outer space.

What’s Not

  • There is quite a lot of technical jargon as Astronauts talk between themselves and one might lose interest if one doesn’t concentrate well! The audio-effect to show they are talking from under their Oxygen masks doesn’t help the cause too.
  • If you are to go with expectations on the film to be fast-paced & extremely adventurous as it deals with a sci-fi survival mission, you might end up getting disappointed.



Verdict Stamp

A path-breaking film in terms of creativity, its technical conception & presentation. Pun intended or not - This one is out-of-the-world stuff!