An American Cargo ship from Oman navigates through the African belt known for its notorious Somalian pirates. When 4 pirates on a boat are on their way to capture the huge ship, the intelligent moves of the Ship’s captain & crew notwithstanding, pirates get hold of the captain and hold him captive. How does America react & how the two captains hold stead in such uncertain times are dealt with in the later part of this enthralling enactment of a true story!
Running Time:
134 mins
Release date:
11 October 2013
Directed by:
Paul Greengrass
Produced by:
Michael De Luca
Dana Brunetti
Written by:
Billy Ray
Tom Hanks
Barkhad Abdi
Music by:
Henry Jackman
Shot by:
Barry Ackroyd
Editing by:
Christopher Rouse
Distributed by:
Columbia Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Paul Greengrass, known for his Bourne films & documentaries, tells the turmoil Rich Phillips had to go through over the course of the hijack & also provides the PoV of the Pirates quite convincingly!
  • Who better than Tom Hanks to first,reason out with the Somalian captain and later,express the jolts of the captured! His final act is only about 3 minutes long but could be good enough to earn him an Oscar nomination! Close on his heels are Barkhad Abdi, who plays the ruthless but wise Somalian pirate, and his 3 comrades!
  • Paul’s idea of filming this on the Ocean instead of using miniatures & VFX in a studio works hugely in favour of the film providing a breathtaking & impactful visual experience; The gargantuan efforts of the Cinematography team is to be thoroughly appreciated!
  • The editor comes to the party in the scene when the boatmen chase the ship down & board it. If you felt respect for those villains at those moments, it was partly due to the superb cuts!
  • Henry Jackman’s pulsating background score adds value to the visuals.
  • Paul has smartly scripted this & written dialogues so that the film reaches any cine lover & has also offered reasoning (from the Somalian angle) and questioning of such reasoning (from an American angle!)

What’s Not

  • The film sags a bit towards the middle of the second half but that is only for a brief period as it picks itself up in time for an exciting climax!



Verdict Stamp

An enthralling ocean ride that pays tribute to two fearless captains!