When the Princess of Arendelle, Elsa who possesses the power to freeze anything she touches inadvertently puts her kingdom in eternal winter, it is up to her little sister Anna to save the day. She leaves the Kingdom in the hands of her lover Price Hans. Giving her company in her quest are mountain man, Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the funny snowman Olaf.
Running Time:
102 mins
Release date:
27 November 2013
Directed by:
Chris Buck
Jennifer Lee
Produced by:
Peter Del Vecho
Written by:
Jennifer Lee
Based on:
The Snow Queen by
Hans Christian Andersen
Kristen Bell
Idina Menzel
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad
Music by:
Christophe Beck
Editing by:
Jeff Draheim
Distributed by:
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The story with family being the fulcrum is heart-warming and there are quite a few unusual yet lovable characters to treasure. That the film has action, comedy, sentiment & love in just the exact amounts makes it all the more wonderful as a product.
  • The stunning animation matches the story and one wonders how tough it would have been to envisage and bring to screen such astounding visuals. The Let It Go sequence is amazingly choreographed and literally tugs at your heart.
  • The hilarious snowman Olaf, the reindeer Sven and Kristoff’s adorable adoptive family of trolls are so endearing that they are bound to become as popular as the minions from the Despicable Me series.



Verdict Stamp

Superior voice modulation, relatable characterization, neat departures from the usual story-line and sensational humor make ‘Frozen’, a strong comeback for Disney in the animation scene.