Set in the year 1987, two youngsters who are room-mates in college become thick friends and lead a carefree life. However, when they both fall in love with girls from the neighboring village, trouble brews in the form of the angry villagers, who can never stomach love marriages.
Running Time:
144 mins
Release date:
31 January 2014
Directed by:
Balakrishnan K
Produced by:
K. Gurunathan
P. Ealappan
M. Dharmarajan
Balakrishnan K
Written by:
Mona Palanisamy
K. Balakrishnan
Vijay Sethupathi
Gayathrie Shankar
Iyshwarya Rajesh
Inigo Prabhakaran
Music by:
D. Imman
Shot by:
C. Premkumar
Editing by:
Raja Mohammed
Distributed by:
JSK Film Corporation

What’s Hot

  • Inico Prabhakar and Vijay Sethupathi essay the roles of Sakthi and Joseph. Vijay Sethupathi shines and overshadows Inico in spite of not being the lead protagonist. His expressions during the love track and emotions displayed in trying circumstances show his class.
  • Imman’s BGM is the life and soul of the film. He impresses in the love scenes with the rural BGM taking us into the Ilayaraja era once again. Couple of songs have also been shot very well.
  • The art director, Veeramani deserves a pat on the back for replicating the late-80s era impressively. The costumes also reflect the late-80s style. Prem Kumar’s shots within the classroom and in the song sequences are pleasing to the eye.

What’s Not

  • The film’s screenplay leaves a lot to be desired and the characters have been written poorly. Save Vijay Sethupathi, none of the characters leave a mark and few of the characters like Syed have no completion at all. While the first half is alright, the second half is extremely predictable and flat.
  • Inico is good in places but needs to work on his body language in the romantic scenes to graduate from being a supporting actor to a hero. The female characters, Gayathrie & Ishwarya in spite of showing some potential have also not been used effectively and it is ridiculous to see them fall for the guys so easily.
  • That the film’s protagonists show no signs of intelligence is an insult to the senses even though the movie is set in the 80s. Also, one wonders why the film is named Rummy. Perhaps they were planning to shoot a multi-starrer and got inspiration from Mankatha



Verdict Stamp

Rummy is college love story set in the 1980s but fails to excite primarily due to the flat screenplay and lack of intelligence shown by the protagonists in the script.