Newt Scamander comes to the United States in the hope of finding rare magical creatures. However, as an Englishman, he does not know of the rules and regulations that the Magical Congress has placed in the US. Due to a confusion, he has an encounter with a muggle and ends up mixing each other’s suitcases starting off a chain of events that wreaks havoc on the city. Unaware of what is in the suitcase, the muggle opens it up thinking it to be his own, releasing some of the devils into the world. Since he used magical spells in the United States without being licensed to by the system, he is taken into custody by an officer from the ministry. As things pan out, the muggle is also in a participant in the scheme of things, which he enjoys as it happens. On a parallel story-line, the magical congress and its deputy must deal with an Obscurus that is unleashed upon the city. How lethal is the Obscurus and what does the Magical Congress do to deal with it is what makes the rest of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.
Running Time:
132 min
Release date:
18 November 2016
Directed by:
David Yates
Produced by:
David Heyman
J. K. Rowling
Steve Kloves
Lionel Wigram
Written by:
J. K. Rowling
Based on:
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by
J. K. Rowling
Eddie Redmayne
Katherine Waterston
Dan Fogler
Alison Sudol
Ezra Miller
Samantha Morton
Jon Voight
Music by:
James Newton Howard
Shot by:
Philippe Rousselot
Editing by:
Mark Day
Distributed by:
Warner Bros. Pictures

What’s Hot

  • As we talk about a lot of magic, there is a tremendous scope for VFX. They do deliver in style. The effects are a spectacular visual treat each time the Obscurus unleashes its fury. More so, when we enter the world of the Fantastic Beasts with Newt Scamander, the VFX team has seen to that the book is brought to life.
  • Words can’t describe J. K. Rowling’s story. She has brought the charm of her famous Harry Potter tales into this spin-off. The two parallel tracks are well fleshed out with plenty of scope for humor and havoc alike. Plenty of witty dialogues pepper the narrative and one would remember most certainly Jacob’s dialogue, “I don’t have the brains to make this up” long after the movie is over.
  • Newt Scamander is nothing like Harry Potter, but it is a welcome change. Eddie Redmayne has done a laudable job carrying Newt with the perpetually confused yet confident look. Dan Fogler impresses with his portrayal of Jacob. His poise and witty charm are never going to be ‘obliviated’. Colin Farell, Katherine Waterston and Alison Sudol take the rest of the cake.
  • Philippe Rousselot and James Newton Horner have excelled with the cinematography and music for the movie. Philippe’s camera is the vital cog in the magnifying the beauty of the beasts that are brought to us.
  • David Yates continues his magnificent run of bringing Rowling’s literature to life and he hits the bulls eye yet again. The movie keeps the audience in awe throughout its runtime. The fact that even people without exposure to the Harry Potter universe are able to enjoy the movie is testament to the balanced treatment of the plot line.

What’s Not

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Verdict Stamp

Spin-off stories are doubtful. They either succeed brilliantly or fail horribly. Fantastic beasts and where to find them commandingly takes its place with the former and sits atop comfortably delighting both the potter-heads and the general audience with equal ease.