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Maveeran Kittu (Tamil, 2016)

In a village near Pazhani, people from a lower caste face constant discrimination from the rich and influential upper caste. Chinrasu spearheads the movement against this oppression with the support of the affected people including their most beloved Kittu who excels in compassion and academics with an aim to work for the betterment of the oppressed. When a corrupt police officer from the upper caste tries to land Chinrasu and Kittu in trouble, unexpected events are set in motion!
Running Time:
125 min
Release date:
02 December 2016
Directed by:
Produced by:
DN Thai Saravanan
Icewear Chandirasaamy
Written by:
Sri Divya
Vishnu Vishal
R Parthiban
Harish Uthaman
Music by:
D Imman
Shot by:
Soorya AR
Editing by:
Mu Kasivishwanathan
Distributed by:
‎Nallu Samy Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Vishnu Vishal does a neat job as the central character around whom the story revolves, with his well-done subtle transformations from the face of the oppressed minority to that of a revolutionary! Parthiben is the other intimidating character whose dialogues strike down hard on the oppressors – which he delivers with the utmost precision he is known for!
  • Director Suseenthiran’s streak of enjoyable movies shot on a shoe-string budget have earned him quite the name and ‘Maveeran Kittu’ fits just perfect in his style of film making. The sheer intent to make such a movie based on a historical character deserves mention while his execution with the nativity intact just adds to the laurels.
  • The screenplay is to the point and devoid of any unwanted parallel diversions in the name of comedy in spite of having ample scope and the right cast to achieve that. The director’s resolve shows when he restrains from putting to use Soori’s presence and he rightly decides that the core of the story deserves more attention.
  • Imman is at his best scoring heart melting melodies to suite his favourite rural milieu. Kannadikkala…” has a catchy structure while the soul of the movie is brought out early with the powerfully delivered “Inaivom…” number that summons the wavering attention of the audience to focus on the story.

What’s Not

  • Resisting the temptation of giving into commercial elements and trying to stick to the core of the story was presumably too much pressure for Suseenthiran to survive as he lets in too many romantic numbers to encroach the movie in the second half, which deprives the screenplay from building momentum before the climax.
  • In such dialogue dominant subject, the emotional scenes fall quite flat largely because of poor dubbing and dialect from the lead characters including Sri Divya. The most glaring of them was how the protagonist’s name “Kittu” was pronounced in a very artificial and urban style, even by the veteran Parthiben at a few places!




Verdict Stamp

‘Maveeran Kittu’ bears the trademark of Suseenthiran’s style of impactful storytelling which benefits from a historical character based storyline with a rural milieu. Augmented by engaging music, powerful dialogues and able performances the movie is made quite a resolute tale indeed!

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