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Jai Mata Di (Hindi, 2017) | Short Film Review

A young couple is being shown a fully furnished house in Mumbai by a broker who waxes lyrical about the housing society and how neighbors are never a problem as everybody has their own business to mind. As decision time beckons we see the differing perspectives of the couple and the fact that they are in a live-in relationship. Out of nowhere, the broker says the society doesn’t allow live-in couples. Of course, we don’t see the lady breaking into a song to impress the association head à la Ok Kanmani. The broker instead proposes an idea to solve their problem. And what an idea it is!

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Sthreepart (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

Sthreepart is an ambitious short film that talks primarily about the various types of women documented in literature and the way women are forced to react to dominating men. At 40 minutes long, the short film is quite engaging in spite of cutting across various time frames cleverly moving the story forward constantly.

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Kabada Nadagam (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

The concept of death hanging on our shoulders is often a dreary topic to deal with as not everyone is comfortable talking about it in the open. In the same vein, making an engaging short film where death stands not just figuratively but literally on the doorstep is quite a challenge.

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Sorga Vaasal – The Holy Shit (Tamil, 2016) | Short Film Review

Talk about taking up a topic pertinent to the current state of our nation, this attempt hits probably the most important issue of lack of proper sanitation which does a fine job in taking up a harmless situation to highlight the issue. Brilliantly done music brings out the plight and the humor that usually links up to the issue is also portrayed well.

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Suspects – The Encounter (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

'Suspects - The Encounter' has the looks of a pilot shoot of one particular sequence in a gangster-cop thriller rather than a single product. It is safe to say that it is more of a technical show-reel rather than an acting or directorial achievement.

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Sudhandhira Mani (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

This is one breezy short that flows from start to end with great ease with just a simple core that’s treated well to kindle that debate as to what we are versus what we aspire to be. Excellent camera movements which we believe is achieved using a GoPro camera, helps focus the attention better which is further enhanced by the perfectly complimenting editing techniques used. The humor worked well and brought quite a few smiles with the largely due to the funny antics of the characters.

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Kolza – The Rape (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

Kolza - The Rape is an audacious attempt for a short-film & its writer/director deserves praise for successfully packaging it in under 8 mins of Rashomon-ish scenario based treatment, raising pertinent questions on a generally prevelant societal evil. The female lead, Theertha pulls off a rather difficult role with convincing ease & is supported well by the other character. The technical aspects of the short are impressive (Slick work behind the camera & some realistic sound design providing a touch of reality. The random fast cuts alongside Beethoven's symphony bit combine aptly adding to the tension.

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