Talk about taking up a topic pertinent to the current state of our nation, this attempt hits probably the most important issue of lack of proper sanitation which does a fine job in taking up a harmless situation to highlight the issue. Brilliantly done music brings out the plight and the humor that usually links up to the issue is also portrayed well.

Despite the disclaimer at the start and though it may be true that hard measures are needed, the title and tagline seems very insensitive to religious beliefs. The apt mention of grave mismatches in number of places of worships or liquor shops in comparison to number of restrooms is quite welcome though. Natural dialogues and a realistic performance from the lead actor is another boost that the short film receives in addition to the impressive camera work – a purposeful show with great intent on the whole!




Purposeful Intent

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Info/Cast & Crew

Language: Tamil
Running Time: 11 min
Directed by: Guru subbu
Written by: Guru subbu
Starring: Vishnu, Haniffa, Vijayalakshmi, Subirtha, Deepan Kumar, Saravanan Jackie, Ram Kumar
Music by: Karthik aacharya
Shot by: Jagdeesh sridhar ravichandran
Editing by: Venkatesh B