Sthreepart is an ambitious short film that talks primarily about the various types of women documented in literature and the way women are forced to react to dominating men. At 40 minutes long, the short film is quite engaging in spite of cutting across various time frames cleverly moving the story forward constantly. There are some good performances throughout with Jayashree Nair (Dhaana), Jayashree Rao (Bheda), and Nithyashree (Dhanda) especially good. Technically the film is quite good with the editor doing a fantastic job partiularly.

Now onto the negatives – The extremely capable Anupama Kumar in spite of the excellent character sketch of Indrajala gets lets down by the dialogues and in some places by the constant interruptions as she talks to the director, Barath who is seen unable to react well enough for Anupama to be able to bounce her words off him. There are many places where the scenes get stretched without any specific need leading to an increase in run-time. Hence in spite of a well-defined overall storyline, the moments before the final unravelling, gets really dragging. Also, the intermittent stuttering style that has been employed throughout the film does not seem to add value and instead proves to be a major distraction.

Overall, a well-intentioned short film that has its rough edges but is still worth a watch!




Bold in Thought!

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Info/Cast & Crew

Language: Tamil
Running Time: 39 min
Directed by: Barath Neelakantan
Written by: Barath Neelakantan
Starring: Anupama Kumar, Jayashree Rao, Jayashree Nair, Nithya Shri,
Shyam Krishnan, Sriram Srinivasan, Sanjna Lingayat, Abdul Waseem
Music by: Arun Suradhaa Rangarajan
Shot by: Vigneshwaran
Editing by: Sushrut Mohanty