This is one breezy short that flows from start to end with great ease with just a simple core that’s treated well to kindle that debate as to what we are versus what we aspire to be. Excellent camera movements which we believe is achieved using a GoPro camera, helps focus the attention better which is further enhanced by the perfectly complimenting editing techniques used. The humor worked well and brought quite a few smiles with the largely due to the funny antics of the characters.

Though we felt the lighting was a bit too inconsistent, and the character of the manager looked monotonous and uninteresting which could have used some better dialogues, the overall output from the team is quite enjoyable just like the performance from the lead character.

Considering the effect achieved through a small knot & a minimal run-time, this is quite a fabulous work of art!





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Info/Cast & Crew

Language: Tamil
Running Time: 6 min
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Vijay Anand T R
Written by: Vijay Anand T R
Starring: Praveen Nandagopal, Vijay Anand T R, Praveen Venkataraman, Sapna Jo, Raghu Veeran T J
Music by: Sreram Anand
Shot by: Arun Kanth
Editing by: Pushparaj Jebastin