Set in the age of the cavemen, a family go about living their lives under an overprotective and conservative head who just cares for the family’s well-being. The eldest daughter of the cavemen couple is a different one, for, she doesn’t want to tread the line her father prescribes. In her quest, she ventures during the night to the unknown in a motive of exploration, which the father finds out occasionally and raps her for. However when the cavemen family face an emergency they are forced to leave their cave and trek through unknown terrains.
Running Time:
98 mins
Release date:
22 March 2013
Directed by:
Kirk DeMicco
Chris Sanders
Produced by:
Kristine Belson
Jane Hartwell
Written by:
Kirk DeMicco
Chris Sanders
Nicolas Cage
Emma Stone
Ryan Reynolds
Catherine Keener
Clark Duke
Cloris Leachman
Music by:
Alan Silvestri
Shot by:
Yong Duk Jhun
Editing by:
Eric Dapkewicz
Darren T. Holmes
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox

What’s Hot

  • The story makes the cut for the movie with the plot set among the cavemen. The VFX and animation work has been crisp and the attention to detail marvellous to say the least. The characterization, new and unexplored landscape dish us a visual spectacle.
  • The dialogues have been to a huge advantage and add to a load of other pluses of the movie. That of the overprotective Grug Crood and the conversations between Eep Crood and Guy are well made. Not to forget the Gran whose comical antiques contribute to a laugh riot.
  • The background crew have done a good job with voicing for the on-screen characters. Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone take the cake here. The character “Belt” gets a special mention for it has been portrayed very well.
  • There is a lot of optimism that one can take from this movie when the family of the caveman urge their head to come out of being conservative and start exploring the world.

What’s Not

  • Even though the characterization works to the movie’s advantage, the thought of Gran and Sandy Crood being a part of this adventure might raise doubts in some instances.



Verdict Stamp

The Croods is a fabulous animated movie depicting the inquisitive nature of humans and how the wheel turned through the ages. It speaks of human belief and its power with class, as does the way we need to aspire to lead our lives.