Ganesh, a middle aged man from Chennai lives an ordinary life having never succeeded in anything he ever did. While at a friend’s party in Kunoor, he wakes up to the news of his wife’s suicide attempt. Cutting short his trip, he returns home and chronicles the misadventures of his life to the car driver. The narration of his past and his eye-opening experience with the driver forms the rest of the story.
Running Time:
124 mins
Release Date:
30 January 2014
Directed by:
Vincent Selva
Produced by:
VTV Ganesh
Written by:
VTV Ganesh
VTV Ganesh
Meera Jasmine
K. S. Ravikumar
Music by:
Shot by:
R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by:
Distributed by:
Sri Thenandal Films
Sun Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The guest appearance by STR and a cameo by K. S. Ravikumar, add a nice vibe to the proceedings. STR is smart as ever and creates quite a few comic moments when he ridicules Ganesh’s antics. K. S. Ravikumar plays his commanding self with subtle humor and sarcasm, which is always special.
  • The visuals from the lens of veteran R. D. Rajasekhar are splendid and impart grandeur to the shots filmed at foreign locations. The lighting in many of the shots are exemplary and portray the actors as beautiful as they can ever be. Simbu, Andrea and Meera Jasmine(in a few scenes) benefit the most from such expertise.

What’s Not

  • The events in the life of Ganesh are just put one after the other without any plausible continuity. This wears down the audience who dont realise what’s hit them, just as the next barrage of scenes arrive, thanks to an immature screenplay by Ganesh and some pretty ordinary direction by Vincent Selva.
  • Ganesh’s dialogues and reactions do not instill the required mood and emotion needed for the respective scenes. Most of them end up as just words and dont convey the intended feeling,
  • Santhanam’s presence for a decent chunk at the beggining of the movie is nowhere near the LOL moments that you would usually associate with him. His tone while delivering one-liners look monotonous, forced and pre-meditated, probably due to the twist with respect to his characterization, which doesn’t seem to work eitherway.
  • Meera Jasmine makes a comeback to Tamil cinema, a forgettable one to say the least. Her pairing with Ganesh is absurd and no less than her ageing look which is clearly visible in many shots. The situation where she decides to marry Ganesh didn’t seem to make any sense and no effort is made to justify that as well.
  • There are quite a few songs in the movie despite a run time of just over 2 hours, which absolutely add no value to the script. They are not enjoyable by any stretch of our imagination and keep adding to the many unpleasant experiences. Things keep getting worse as Ganesh renders his voice to one of the songs, which fails to engage or entertain the audience.



Verdict Stamp

This chronicle of the past events in a man's ordinary life is a dull and lifeless narration filled with numerous voids.