While the ambitious plot and its message (on the various stages in acceptance of something that’s extremely out of the norm in our parts) seem to be the highlight of this tale, the way it is told doesn’t play to the plot’s strength. The tone is too light & the dialogues that are stereotypical to fault make too much mockery of the ways of a particular sect the film’s characters represent to sell the core idea, as these fringe elements are let to dominate. Nice props have been chosen & the casting too is apt for the characters in the script. The distractingly high usage of English phrases (or should I say low usage of Tamil phrases, given the disparity in proportion of usage of the 2 languages) is something that should have been handled better. While it is common for even older people to use some words/terms, many other phrases were extremely unusual for people to use in conversations and stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Tarantino-ish chapters to the tale & the choice of chapter definitions bring about a smile & helps with the editing too. With blemishless transition of indoor & outdoor scenes, the cinematography work comes clean.