Judy Hopps, a rabbit from a farming village Bunnyburrow aspires to become a cop, something that a bunny has never achieved. The city of Zootopia offers the perfect opportunity to fulfill her dreams, but she has obstacles in the form of stereotyped opinions in the society to overcome. She is side-lined, but soon stumbles upon vital clues to the puzzling case of missing predators. With an unlikely partner in a fox, she sets out to solve this case that threatens to disturb the very fabric of Zootopia.

Running Time:
108 min
Release date:
4 March 2016
Directed by:
Byron Howard
Rich Moore
Produced by:
Clark Spencer
Written by:
Byron Howard
Jared Bush
Rich Moore
Josie Trinidad
Jim Reardon
Phil Johnston
Jennifer Lee
Ginnifer Goodwin
Jason Bateman
Idris Elba
J.K. Simmons
Jenny Slate
Tommy Chong
Octavia Spencer
Music by:
Michael Giacchino
Shot by:
Thomas Baker
Editing by:
Jeremy Milton
Fabienne Rawley
Distributed by:
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What’s Hot

  • An imaginary world of animals leading their lives like humans in picturesque villages and Uber cool cities – Well that’s an excellent canvas for the creative team with ample scope and they havelet the creativityflow unabated as they create a visual marvel! The detailing and presentation from the animators is top-notch and excites the inner kid in every one of us.
  • The lead characters Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny cop and Nick Wilde, a small time con are quite the ideal partners with their innate conflict of predator and prey providing friction despite all the lubrication. The conflict is reflective of the bigger picture that impacts the harmony of Zootopia and the director deserves credit for achieving that connect.
  • Despite all the gloss and jazz of Zootopia being hailed as the perfect environment to live true lives without stereotyping species, the constraints formed by intolerant sections of the society is well etched by the story and makes a relatable case to this world of reality where we live in. The movie succeeds in making the point without being harsh and offending.
  • The various animal characterizations serve the purpose of fun and entertainment for the audience. The Gazelle as a popstar brought to life by ‘Shakira’, the Bull as the stubborn chief of Police, the Lion as the mayor of Zootopia and the sheep as the deputy to the mayor have enjoyable political undertones as well. The sloth episode is something to look out for as you will hurt yourself laughing your guts out for sure!

What’s Not

  • Though made in an earnest effort to highlight the ugly consequences of racism, some of the dialogues were over the top with racist slurs which threaten to undermine the good intent and manages to sniff out frowns from the faces of viewers looking to be entertained.




Verdict Stamp

Disney has played to its strength of showing anthropomorphic mammals having fun on the screen, buts adds a much needed dimension of relevance to the real world with this movie that strikes that quintessential balance while retaining oodles of fun and entertainment!