The Trolls are a group of miniature creatures with lively appearances and know nothing but happiness except for one of them, the glum looking Branch who lives in constant seclusion amidst fear of harm from their nemesis, the ever depressed monstrous Bergens who think eating Trolls makes them happy. When the inevitable attack of the Bergens happens, few of them are abducted and their princess Poppy sets out to rescue them and Branch reluctantly tags along as they embark on a dangerous quest!
Running Time:
93 min
Release date:
03 November 2016
Directed by:
Mike Mitchell
Produced by:
Gina Shay
Written by:
Erica Rivinoja
Anna Kendrick
James Corden
Gwen Stefani
Justin Timberlake
Russell Brand
Zooey Deschanel
Jeffrey Tambor
Music by:
Christophe Beck
Shot by:
Yong Duk Jhun
Editing by:
Julie Rogers
Nick Fletcher
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Big Picture 2 Films
Warner Bros

What’s Hot

  • The bright colors, vibrant energy and adorable mischievousness from the miniature creatures are sure to string along the attention of kids who are purportedly the primary target audience for this movie. The imagination runs wild with white clouds talking, rain clouds dumping on the baddies and almost every other object on screen coming to life in breathtaking style!
  • The singing, dancing and partying never ends in this movie and a couple of familiar songs truly step up the festivities. The best of them however is an original score “Can’t stop the feeling” which is reserved for the final dance-off and is bound to get the kids on their feet and even the adults tapping their foot!

What’s Not

  • The story supposedly has a life lesson on the power of positivity and scope for hope even in the most improbable of situations. It is loud and irritating at times – primarily for the utter over use of the same lines in the movie and secondarily because the lifeless story does nothing credible enough to expect a lesson in the first place.
  • The direction seems virtually non-existent upon seeing such vaguely defined characters whose actions are not defined reasonably. The character ‘Branch’ is one such character, poorly justified for even his mere presence not to mention the appalling backstory.
  • The narrative demonstrates a complete lack of disregard for the need to establishing the backdrop of the story even for kids to get engaged. It just goes bang-bang from the start with needless songs eating up precious screen time – all gloss and with no real intent!




Verdict Stamp

On the surface, ‘Trolls’ has a lot of fun vibes that can amuse the kids occasionally with all the vibrant songs and colorful creatures that groove, but as a movie it is really is a superficial attempt that is just too flashy sans any meaningful intent!