At the time of World War II, prodigal British Mathematician Alan Turing joins a mission to crack the Nazi Encryption Engine ‘Enigma’. He thinks cracking Enigma is beyond the collective human prowess & decides to fight machine with a machine. Fighting through adversity, he builds the Turing Machine which his team starts to believe in later & eventually helps in ending the war about 2 years ahead saving millions of lives in the process, but did he earn the respect he deserved to?!
Running Time:
116 min
PG-13 (MPAA)
Release date:
16 January 2015
Directed by:
Morten Tyldum
Produced by:
Nora Grossman
Ido Ostrowsky
Teddy Schwarzman
Written by:
Graham Moore
Benedict Cumberbatch
Keira Knightley
Matthew Goode
Mark Strong
Charles Dance
Allen Leech
Music by:
Alexandre Desplat
Shot by:
Óscar Faura
Editing by:
William Goldenberg
Distributed by:
The Weinstein Company

What’s Hot

  • Morten Tyldum & Graham Moore’s adaptation of the Book ‘Alan Turing: An Enigma’ is an enchanting take on how wars can be fought within the confines of research labs (not even war rooms!) and how a catastrophe like the WWII still paved the way for scientific advancement in the field of computing.
  • The film also brings to light, with subtlety, the inner demons & the post war irony a war hero like Turing had to experience, thanks to his sexual preferences considered illegal in the times & places he lived. The touching episode of Turing & his school-mate Christopher explains how relationships blossoming somewhere sometime can inspire people to change the world!
  • Fans of the Sherlock series would be delighted to find their beloved Benedict Cumberbatch in yet another role of being a methodical stud who is proud of his own self! The actor revels with his baffling explanations & scores with his expressions in the emotional scenes (where he tries in vain to save the machine from being stopped, his proposal to Jane, the scene when the team breaks Enigma etc.)
  • Keira Knightley neatly crafted role gives us reasons to feel pleased about, the team led by Matthew Goode (who plays Chess champ Hugh Alexander) provides moments of angst & later, make us respect the behind-the-scenes workers from the war.
  • Alexandre Desplat’s absorbing background score for the film definitely deserves a nomination at the Academy awards this year. Djurkovic’s production design (giving us a view of the immensely large Turing Machine!)& Sammy Sheldon’s costumes seem impeccably true to the period the film traverses through. Goldenberg’s editing masterfully aids the screenplay that takes us back & forth from the 20s to the 40s & 50s.

What’s Not

  • One cannot help but think Alan’s relation with Jane could have been explored a bit more. That might have made the climax hit us a lot harder even before the ending captions do that for us.



Verdict Stamp

The story of Alan Turing deserved to be told! No better way than to take us through the struggles a seemingly abnormal person had to go through to show to the world a seemingly abnormal invention made at the most difficult of times & how the world conveniently and ironically threw him out an ‘outcast’.