The City of Cheesebridge, governed by the council of “White Hats”, becomes a scavenging ground at nights for underworld man-eating monsters – The Boxtrolls. Post the “Baby Trubshaw” debacle, the contract of eradicating these beasts is handed down to Red-Hat Archibald Snatcher in exchange for a place in the Council. Does he achieve what he is set out to do or do the Boxtrolls get better of him is revealed as the story progresses.
Running Time:
96 min
Release date:
26 September 2014
Directed by:
Graham Annable
Anthony Stacchi
Produced by:
Travis Knight
David Ichioka
Written by:
Irena Brignull
Adam Pava
Based on:
Here Be Monsters!
by Alan Snow
Isaac Hempstead-Wright
Elle Fanning
Ben Kingsley
Toni Collette
Jared Harris
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Music by:
Dario Marianelli
Edited by:
Edie Bleiman
Distributed by:
Focus Features

What’s Hot

  • The tale, though a simple one, has been given a complex makeover with a perfect cast. The story as such does not leave an impression while watching, but on retrospect it dawns that this story belongs to every character with their own little narratives from their perspective (factored by their age and social status)
  • Every detail & character has been well thought of and fits the script snugly. Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley) with his henchmen is an absolutely terrific ensemble to watch out for. Be it their little scouts at night for the monsters or them debating the good over evil, they give us all emotions packed in a bombshell. The Boxtrolls win our heart by being the boxed monsters that they are and yet choosing to be better.
  • To take a story from a novel and bring it to the big screen is a task in itself. Having to create an animated motion picture is a different ball game altogether. The animators have done very well in terms of the setting up the premise, characters and props for the story whereas the voice cast have added life to the characters with their cheeky dialogues.

What’s Not

  • There is nothing negative to quote on this attempt, yet few characters that are so engrossing leave the viewers with a wish that they knew them better.



Verdict Stamp

An interestingly funny take on how humans function in the world and what happens when they have a similar race of monsters co-existing.