Captain Sullenberger, hailed across the World as the savior of 155 lives aboard the bird-hit US Airways Flight, is under investigation, along with his First Officer Skiles, for landing the aircraft in the Hudson River when computer simulations indicate that he could have made it back to the La Guardia or the Teterboro airports.
Running Time:
95 min
PG-13 (MPAA)
Release date:
08 September 2016
Directed by:
Clint Eastwood
Produced by:
Allyn Stewart
Clint Eastwood
Frank Marshall
Tim Moore
Written by:
Todd Komarnicki
Adapted from Novel by Chesley Sullenberger,Jeffrey Zaslow
Aaron Eckhart
Tom Hanks
Laura Linney
Ashley Austin Morris
Brett Rice
Ann Cusack
Music by:
Christian Jacob
Tierney Sutton Band
Shot by:
Tom Stern
Editing by:
Blu Murray
Distributed by:
Golden Village Pictures
Warner Bros

What’s Hot

  • In spite of being a film that talks about complex machines, computer simulations and technical jargon like ACARS, the human element is never far away. One has to really admire the guts to refrain from milking the audience by having too many melodramatic scenes post the miraculous escape. The serene nature of the whole drama (a Clint Eastwood trait on display) brings out how humanity is still alive from a realistic perspective
  • There have been innumerable times where we have surrendered to Hanks’ mastery on screen and here is yet another stunning performance. Be it his equation with his wife or the camaraderie with the First Officer or the confused yet determined look that he gives throughout the film – Tom Hanks is just in a league of his own. The scene where he reacts after learning that all the passengers had survived is stuff that acting schools will store as the epitome of underplay
  • Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney back Hanks ably by being the emotional support for him. There are multiple occasions where they subtly accept what Hanks is going through rather than adopt a condescending tone
  • Tom Stern’s camera work overall is terrific. While it is tough to separate the scenes shot naturally from the ones generated by VFX, the watching experience overall (without 3D) is exhilarating. The editor too has done a great job and scenes where the Bird Hit is shown have been cut exceedingly well giving us a sense of the dread felt by those on the plane
  • Todd Komarnicki’s writing is a huge strength for the film with his simple dialogues (“the most important thing is to smile more” for instance) and non-linear screenplay keeping the audience completely hooked. While it is unfair to praise or put anyone down citing their age, people like Clint Eastwood & Woody Allen representing the 80s-plus lot keep amazing us with these affecting dramas repeatedly. They are certainly worthy of the adulation they receive from around the world

What’s Not

  • NA




Verdict Stamp

Sully is a classy depiction of a heroic real-life incident that did its bit in lifting the spirit of New-Yorkers after the Financial meltdown. Hanks plays a major maneuvering role in safe-landing this tribute of Eastwood to Captain Sullenberger that doesn’t go overboard at any point.