A young woman is held as a sex slave in a small windowless room by a man for seven years as he provides bare minimum essentials for her to survive along with her five year old son Jack. She makes an earnest effort to create the best possible environment for Jack who has never seen the real world. A grown up jack who is questioning her actions and with her patience wearing thin, she hatches a plan to escape the confines – the outcome and repercussions of which is what we have in store for the rest of the movie.
Running Time:
117 min
Release date:
29 January 2016
Directed by:
Lenny Abrahamson
Produced by:
Ed Guiney
David Gross
Written by:
Emma Donoghue
Based on:
Room by
Emma Donoghue
Brie Larson
Jacob Tremblay
Joan Allen
Sean Bridgers
William H. Macy
Music by:
Stephen Rennicks
Shot by:
Danny Cohen
Editing by:
Nathan Nugent
Distributed by:
A24 Films

What’s Hot

  • Brie Larson breaks into the big league with her portrayal of a young helpless mother striving hard to protect her son while struggling to survive at the hands of her imprisoner. Her deep roots and truckload of experience in TV series has helped her produce a mature performance with such a wide range of emotions.
  • Jacob Tremblay’s acting as Jack is so realistic and his emotions palpable, be it his tantrums over missing candles on a birthday cake, or his apologies when he sees his mother roughed up by her captor, or his first glimpses of the outside world. The way he greets and later bids farewell to the objects in his room is just adorable.
  • Lenny Abrahamson‘s direction does a good job in keeping the hopes alive for the trapped duo by showing the skylight as a symbolic power that’s is supervising them especially when the ice forms on the glass when the heater is out and also a leaf lands on it to prove an outside world exists.
  • To have the screenplay written by Emma Donoghue who also wrote the original novel is probably one of the reasons why the movie stayed so haunting for the entire duration, even after the ordeal was supposed to be over.

What’s Not

  • Some events in the story seem too surreal and even seem impossible such as the Police officer being able to patiently listen to the kid and being able to make perfect sense out of what he is saying was stretching it a bit too far. Another example would be the escape scene itself where it looked as if the captor wanted the escape to happen as it was not convincing enough.




Verdict Stamp

A masterfully crafted piece that worries the living soul out of the viewers by placing two well defined characters in a helpless situation, Room is one of those haunting and moving films that benefit from award worthy brilliance on and behind the screen!