The uncanny talent with craft-work and design of a girl gets curbed as she grows in fidgety family surroundings. Her mundane lifestyle as a divorced mother of 2 children, caretaker of the family takes her to a breaking point when her hidden talent pops out of nowhere as she comes up with an idea to develop ‘one of a kind’ mop! Her valiant efforts on convincing people around her for funding and offering sales channels get repeatedly dented but don’t break her as she goes in pursuit of ‘joy’.
Running Time:
124 min
Release date:
22 January 2016
Directed by:
David O. Russell
Produced by:
John Davis
Megan Ellison
Jonathan Gordon
David O. Russell
Written by:
Annie Mumolo
David O. Russell
Jennifer Lawrence
Robert De Niro
Edgar Ramirez
Diane Ladd
Virginia Madsen
Isabella Rossellini
Bradley Cooper
Music by:
West Dylan Thordson
David Campbell
Shot by:
Linus Sandgren
Editing by:
Alan Baumgarten
Jay Cassidy
Tom Cross
Christopher Tellefsen
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox

What’s Hot

  • The titular character played by Jennifer Lawrence is the spine that helps move the story along and it had to played well. Jennifer does complete justice bowling the viewer over with a surprisingly brilliant performance – Her shows of restraints in the first half, the will to succeed overcoming failures and embarrassments later and the swag and confidence towards the end are delightful in their own sweet ways.
  • David O Russell’s screenplay & direction provide moments of awe in presenting the true life story of Joy Mangano; The action speeds up mid-way through and the portions in the middle of the film are paced very well and have loads of positivity to inspire talented folks leading a nondescript lifestyle.
  • The other characters that revolve around Joy have distinct and peculiar features which kindle our curiosity; The presence of Robert De Niro & Bradley Cooper (playing their easy-peasy roles quite casually) adds familiarity to the casting.
  • The background score provided by Campbell & Thordston may not interest award-juries but the stylized guitar portions with an arab-influence offers enough punch to the sensibilities of the general viewing public
  • The film is driven by some very well-conceived moments and the best of the lot that explains the many forks that help run a Telemarketing campaign is splendid thanks to fine set decoration & the crisp & short cuts employed by the editing unit.

What’s Not

  • The idiosyncrasy of the members of the Joy family is explained for seemingly more time than necessary that you feel most of the action is packed in the film’s latter half; Russell’s ‘Woody-Allen’ish treatment to this portion also contributes to making one doubt if the film was intended to be a comedy.
  • The final twist that happens in Dallas falls flat as all of the events from the previous night are explained in words by Joy. Frames of action would have caused an impact on a higher scale.




Verdict Stamp

In telling the story of the inventor of a ‘One of a kind, one time buy’ Mop, Joy takes us through a ride into the telemarketing world & explains the acumen needed for running businesses but it takes its own sweet time indulging with some quirky characters before coming to the cathartic central point