On the occasion of the fifth wedding anniversary, Ben Affleck finds that his wife, played by Rosamund Pike, has gone missing under mysterious circumstances only for the cops and everyone else to believe that he murdered his wife. As all evidences pile up and conspire against the Husband, the unfurling of the truth provides us the interesting thriller ‘Gone Girl’.
Running Time:
149 min
Release date:
31 October 2014
Directed by:
David Fincher
Produced by:
Leslie Dixon
Bruna Papandrea
Reese Witherspoon
Written by:
Gillian Flynn
Based on:
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Ben Affleck
Rosamund Pike
Neil Patrick Harris
Tyler Perry
Carrie Coon
Music by:
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Shot by:
Jeff Cronenweth
Editing by:
Kirk Baxter
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox

What’s Hot

  • As a broken, self-engrossed bar-owner and a lunkhead who doesn’t seem to know anything about his wife even after 5 years of marriage, Ben Affleck gives us probably one of the most natural performances of his career.
  • As the story unfurls, Rosamund Pike not only pulls the rug from under Ben Affleck’s feet but also literally steals the limelight right out of him with a note of noxious coup. It doesn’t just give the movie a new dimension but also makes one feel that it is totally new movie altogether. Her portrayal as a scorned woman wasn’t definitely built to win hearts, but leaves no stone unturned in leaving the audience agape. For some she may seem to be an avenging hero but when her uprightness crosses the line and it indeed is nothing short of mayhem.
  • David Fincher took a gray, contentious mystery novel and turned it into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This time around he just takes it a step further and Gillian Flynn’s sinister novel couldn’t have been portrayed any better. The director has to be commended for the way the drama opens up towards the middle of the flick as opposed to the traditional enlightenment-enriched climax.
  • Kim Dickens with some of the best lines in the movie, Carrie Coon as the worried sibling and Tyler Perry as the defense lawyer do full justice to their roles.

What’s Not

  • The film doesn’t guarantee a climax that might apparently seem to work for everyone – the bloody violence punctuated by some steamy sequences and the husband’s helplessness in spite of the knowledge of his wife’s notorious scheming might look epic to some while it fails miserably in the eyes of the commoner. But that doesn’t take away anything from this tale getting under your skin and giving you a chill.
  • Neil Patrick Harris seemingly appears out of his depth playing the creepy childhood sweetheart.



Verdict Stamp

You are not destined to leave this movie with a spring in your step. It might more likely be a bizarre chortle. It has indeed been a while since one sat at a non-horror movie feeling so anxious as the movie unfurled and you cannot stop being nervy even as the closing credits pop up with such ghostly simplicity.