A businessman who amasses wealth out of fake paintings and hedge funds tags along with an attractive woman who is interested in the business. Together, they go about selling their fraud to the American wealthy public until they fall in a trap laid by an FBI agent. Thereon, the FBI tries to negotiate a deal for a reduced sentence in exchange for claiming protective approvers of them. What happens then is how the movie pans out.
Running Time:
138 min
Release date:
20 December 2013
Directed by:
David O. Russell
Produced by:
Charles Roven
Richard Suckle
Megan Ellison
Written by:
Eric Warren Singer
David O. Russell
Christian Bale
Bradley Cooper
Amy Adams
Jeremy Renner
Jennifer Lawrence
Music by:
Danny Elfman
Shot by:
Linus Sandgren
Editing by:
Jay Cassidy
Crispin Struthers
Alan Baumgarten
Distributed by:
Columbia Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The screenplay deserves thumbs- up as it keeps the audience guessing till the last moment. In places showcasing the situations encountered by the lead characters caught in a spider web, the screenplay has been dealt with brilliantly.
  • The director takes the cake for having placed interesting elements in the movie, with the characterization of the lead actors.
  • The actors, especially Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner have done fabulous jobs in their roles. They have all emoted very well during intense scenes. Special mention has to be given to the lead actors Christian Bale and Amy Adams who hold us in stupendous amazement throughout the movie.
  • Costumes are a fine aspect of the movie that shouldn’t be overlooked. The costume design team has done a fabulous job to keep the cast true to the story and screenplay.

What’s Not

  • Even though the screenplay has been done brilliantly to say the least, the story is just an old wine in a new bottle.



Verdict Stamp

American Hustle is a well-thought screenplay of an 'Inspired by real life events' story which has been packaged into a wonderful movie thanks to some brilliant acting from its ensemble cast.