BC Banerjee has to cut short his vacation thanks to the untimely death of Sandeep, a theatre artist who is found dead on stage in front of a live audience under mysterious circumstances. Along with his assistant Balbirr, they start off investigating the crew members associated with the troupe and acquaintances of the deceased. The progression of the investigation as it traverses from the usual suspects to the culprit is chronicled to form the remainder of this indie feature film.
Running Time:
91 min
Release date:
4 April 2014
Directed by:
Ajay Govind
Produced by:
Tanweer Ahmed
Ajay Govind
Written by:
Ajay Govind
Udayan Salim Banerjee
Akanksha D. Sharma
Arushi Singh
Sukhesh Arora
Sameer Thakur
Gauri Dewal
Music by:
Avinash Narayan
Nitin Krishna Menon
Shot by:
Tanweer Ahmed
Editing by:
Krishnaprasad K
Distributed by:
PVR Cinemas

What’s Hot

  • Udayan Banerjee does a real neat job with his intimidating style to convincingly portray the investigating officer. His character sketching is also given due importance and highlighted by the way he approaches the investigation will all guns blazing.
  • Arushi exudes confidence as the dominating Ivanna with her annoying attitude towards her co-stars and in-the-face responses during the interrogation. Her stubborn responses during the merciless interrogation scenes showcases the skilled actor in her.
  • Nitin Krishna Menon and Avinash Narayan score well with their work in the music department to churn out some fantastic background scores that add a lot of flair to the movie experience to make it an engaging watch.
  • Dialogues penned by the director Ajay Govind are crisp, incisive and hard hitting. Each character get their share of impressive dialogues to make this a well written and well spoken movie on the whole.

What’s Not

  • Banerjee’s character goes overboard on many occasions during the investigations, especially when directed at suspects in the case and even gets physical on one of them. He mostly treats them as one would expect to treat convicts or regular offenders, which takes the focus away from achieving closure for the case at hand.
  • A couple of short vocals placed in the movie prove to be distracting partly due to the amateurish playback and partly due to their jerky inclusion for very short durations without a pressing need.
  • Barring the scenes involving Banerjee, Arushi and Sukhesh, the other characters do not maintain the intensity of the proceedings with some amateurish and disinterested acting. This makes the movie oscillate between the good and the bad moments to provide an inconsistent experience.


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Date of Screening : 12-Nov-2014
Venue and Time : Hotel Hablis, The Moon and Sixpence , 7.30 PM

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Verdict Stamp

The bells are ringing for the indie filmmakers and here comes a neatly made crime investigation mystery elevated by abundantly talented actors and equally skilled technicians. Though there are enough avenues for improvement, this is one definitely worth a watch for those with a penchant for intelligently conceived crime mysteries!