A young man who fights for survival is dragged into an underground fight club that runs on live betting. The politics behind the club lead him into a heist along with amateur thieves with disastrous consequences. 

Running Time:
131 min
Release date:
14 July 2017
Directed by:
Produced by:
Vijayalakshmi Agathiyan
Written by:
Nithin Sathya
Madhusudhan Rao
Music by:
R. H. Vikram
Shot by:
Editing by:
Distributed by:
Auraa Cinemas

What’s Hot

  • Debutante filmmaker Feroz has come up with a fantastic script that is unpredictable for the most part with some really well etched Subplots and character arcs. His casting decisions are also spot on with each one fitting into their roles perfectly.

  • This is certainly one of Krishna’s best performances in a short career. He shows immense dedication in taking the punches as much as giving them back. He underplays for the most part adding to his mysterious violent streak underneath a docile demeanor. 

  • Madhusoodhanan & Saravanan have almost equally important roles to play in the film and they deliver emphatic performances lending credibility to their respective roles, one of dominance and one of innocence. Nitin Sathya should also be lauded for playing an aged quirky role that is sure to get him recognition.  

  • The supporting cast that make up the gang of the protagonist is diverse and each of them add value with their unique characterization. For instance, Karunas must be commended for accepting such a role with low screen time but a vital part of the overall proceedings.  

  • The film has excellent stunt choreography by the duo Anbariv who make the underground bouts seem raw and visceral. The cinematography by Aravind also needs to be lauded. It shows that there is a lot of attention given to light patterns and shot division.

  • RH Vikram’s music is a huge pillar of support for the film with his blistering score setting up the underground bouts as well as the heist effectively. The ‘Sila Vaarama’ song is quite fresh and makes you want to listen to it on a loop.

What’s Not

  • Pandi’s attempts at comedy don’t click. On the contrary, he shines when he apologizes to his friend for not being able to resist himself in the modern pub atmosphere. In spite of the fabulous ‘Sila Vaarama’ song, Anandhi’s role would have made sense had it been woven into the main theme rather than an optional subplot. 




Verdict Stamp

Pandigai is a fantastic debut by Feroz where his smart writing keeps us engrossed. His casting choices and the way he has woven lovely character arcs around this heist thriller is mighty impressive. The cast and the crew deliver expertly to make this a wonderful viewing experience.