While Over A Chai had the viewer at a distance throughout (not the relatability but the actual proximity to the characters on screen) Andha Naal Nyabagam is highly claustrophobic especially after the Rajagopalan character enters the life of Karthik. Of course, the film being focused more on Rajagopalan makes it look more like an acting showreel for him, there are moments where Karthik scores in, subtly stepping above his constant guard. The dialogues, especially, are very natural and put Karthik in an awkward spot more often than not that it seems remarkable that he possesses so much of restraint both in character as well as body language. I would have loved to have seen more of the Karthik’s better half, perhaps even a peek into the past which Rajagopalan casually mentions. I think it would’ve extended the scope more given that currently everything seems from the perspective of Rajagopalan. If that is the intention, then it is still a very well done job.

Technically, there is tremendous improvement in dubbing/sound design from the previous work and there is excellent camera work throughout. Specifically, the way the camera follows the movement of the characters seemed very organic. Of course, there is one specific place where there is a miss in the 180 degree rule which seemed jerky. The make-up for all the characters and the terrorizing ‘mottai’ look of Rajagopalan are well designed. The editing is seamless too. A special mention here to the teaser which I was really intrigued by, given the way it was cut instilling a feeling of dread.




Up Close & Personal!

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Info/Cast & Crew

Language: Tamil
Running Time: 19:52 min
Directed by: Ganesan Rajagopalan
Written by: Ganesan Rajagopalan
Starring: Ganesan Rajagopalan, Karthik Anantha Subramanian, Rasikapriyaa TS
Music by: Sachidanand Sankaranarayanan
Shot by: Vedaraman Sankaran
Editing by: Viplav Nyshadam